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(February 2007)

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Quatorzine Neko
And here's how the morning TV Avisen set looks like in action, + the intro:

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I feel like I’m watching a Bang and Olufsen Hi-Fi system. I like it.
Et voilà ! The intro of first ever edition of Le fil at 5 on Noovo. I may have a detailed post on TV Live Forum later.

That said, it has been a pleasure to have a meaningful discussion on this very forum. Thank you for letting me ask, answer and have a chatter, and I'll see you on the other side!
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Quatorzine Neko
Strange choice at Radio-Canada Ottawa, where the local Téléjournal is now using a different music for the headlines and intro… but keeps the corporate music for the coming-next, stings, and closing.

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Roger Darthwell
My last ever post on this thread, a news bulletin on Canal+ from 1998 (Alain Contrepas, who is hosting the bulletin, is apparently still at Canal+ to this day), see you all on TV Live Forum!
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WW Update
I posted this a few pages back, but hey, it's such a wonderful, strangely relevant farewell that it just has to close this 14-year-old thread:

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