• ABC - Australian Broadcasting Corporation, American Broadcasting Company
  • ANI - ANImate; command for graphics to change to the next image
  • Animation - A BBC name for a shorter identifier that runs before trails rather than programmes.
  • ARC - Aspect Ratio Converter. Changes 16:9 widescreen to 4:3 ratio and back
  • Aspect Ratio - ratio of width to height
  • Aston - Name caption or "super" (superimposition) or CG
  • Audio Description - A special sound channel which is used by certain programmes to include the addition of a narrative voice for those with sight difficulties
  • AVID - Apple Mac non-linear computer video editing system


  • BASYS - BBC News text based scripting system. Replaced by ENPS
  • BASYS - Old News scripting tool
  • BBC - British Broadcasting Corporation
  • BETA - Videotape format
  • BETACART - Multiple tape storage/automation system used to transmit Beta tapes
  • BIGTED - Gallery device which creates and display Astons or name captions
  • BLACK & SILENCE - (B&B;Black & Burst) A source which provides pure black video, correct Burst and no audio
  • BNCS - Broadcast News Control System; routes sources from one place to another. Can also control equipment at a basic level
  • BOTH - Bottom of the Hour (xx:30)
  • BSB - British Satellite Broadcasting - UK's only official government approved DTH satellite service. Concived in the mid-80s, it launched with five television channels in April 1990. It later merged with Sky Television on 31st October 1990 to become BSkyB


  • CA - Continuity Announcer. A broadcaster whose voice is heard between programmes
  • CAM - Conditional Access Module - hardware used to decrypt encrypted channels, when authorised to do so with a valid smartcard.
  • CAP - Caption Graphic (old terminology); a picture or still
  • CG - Caption Graphic = Aston = Super
  • CI - Common Interface - a socket used for adding additional hardware, usally adding a CAM to a STB.
  • CNN - Cable News Network (weblink)
  • CODDED 2-WAY - Recording a 2-way (DTL) non-sequentially; answers recorded in vision with presenter questions recorded and added later
  • COLUMBUS - Command processor that runs the transmission automation system
  • CTA - Central Technical Area. Area which routes sources and destinations


  • DCART - Digital audio recording and storage device
  • DIGIGRADE - Same as TARIF but settings stored and remembered for later retrieval
  • Digital 3&4 - Service operating digital terrestrial multiplex 2. Consist a joint ownership of ITV and Channel 4.
  • DINGO - Digitally originated In News Graphics On screen. Full colour version of DOG. Also known as BUG
  • DNC1 - Digital Network Control 1
  • DOG - Digitally Originated Graphic. Used for insets and channel idents (Also: bug)
  • DONUT - Sequence in which reporter at OS introduces a package and ends with a 2-way
  • DSK - Down Stream Keyer. Part of vision chain, normally on vision mixer, where Astons, DOGs and DINGOs are inserted
  • DST - DSat - Digital Satellite Television
  • DTH - Direct To Home - satellite broadcasts intened for home viewing
  • DTL - Down The Line (2-way) An interview with a contributor at an Outside Source
  • DTT - Digital Terrestrial Television (Freeview in the UK)
  • DTV - Digital Television
  • dual illumination - Dual Illumination is when two uplinks try and use the same transponder
  • DVB - Digital Video Broadcasting


  • ECP - End Credit Promotion
  • ENG - Electronic News Gathering; Same as FRV
  • ENPS - Electronic News Production System - the news computer system developed jointly by BBC and AP. Replaced with OpenMedia
  • ENPS - Electronic News Production System - the News computer system developed jointly by BBC and AP
  • EPG - Electronic Programme Guide
  • EPG - Electronic Program Guide


  • FEEDS - Pictures sent by circuits from News Organisations
  • FRV - Fast Response Vehicle; Vehicle equipped to record and transmit from any location
  • FTA - Free To Air - television channel broadcasting that is viewable to any person with suitable equipment
  • FTV - Free To View - a channel broadcasting with encryption, but without any fee payable to view it


  • GFX - Graphics
  • GLITS - Grahams Line Identifier Test Signal. Standard test used to check stereo audio chain. Left and Right legs at -3db. When combined into mono equal 0db (PPM 4)
  • GSB - Granada Sky Broadcasting - provider of Granada branded channels; Granada Plus, Granada Breeze and Granada Men & Motors. Ownership consists of 51% GMG and 49% BSkyB


  • HAL - Graphics moving image processor produced by Quantel
  • HD - High Definition
  • HDTV - High Definition Television


  • Ident - An identification symbol (ident or symbol) is the name given to that which identifies a channel, traditionally the bit shown before a programme starts.
  • iDSTV - Integrated Digital Satellite Television - similar to an iDTV, but with a built-in digital satellite tuner
  • ITC - Independant Television Commission - regulator of UK-based television channels, UK cable and the UK's DTT platform




  • Lambie-Nairn - Design company. They have produced the current BBC logo as well as idents for BBC One, BBC Two and the original C4 'Bricks' ident amongst others.  (weblink)
  • Live Link - An outside source to be available live on air
  • LNB - Low Noise Block-Downconverter - box on the end of a satellite dish's arm used in the process of satellite reception
  • LWT - London Weekend Television - franchise holder of weekend ITV programming for the London area.


  • Mediahighway - Operating system used by digital terrestrial STBs and iDTVs
  • MPEG - Moving Pictures Expert Group


  • N6 - Previously the BBC News studio for BBC One/News Channel at Television Centre
  • N8 - Previously the BBC World News studio at Television Centre
  • NAGRA - small audio recorder
  • NON-LINEAR - Digital information allowing easy re-ordering of material usually video and audio


  • OB - Outside Broadcast
  • OMNIBUS - Digital system for picture processing. Columbus being a sub-system
  • OOV - Out Of Vision - Presenter voice is heard underneath still or moving pictures
  • OpenTV - Operating system used by Sky digital satellite boxes
  • OSD - On Screen Display
  • OSG - On-screen graphic (usually a menu of some sort)
  • OSN - On Screen Next. Graphic detailing the following programme on the channel


  • PasB - Programme as Broadcast. Recording of live transmitted programme. Usually recorded clean without Astons.
  • PHONO - Telephone interview
  • PHONO COMP - Composite graphic showing contributor and location
  • PIDLE - Programme Interruption Device Live Event. Visual device to come out of a current transmitted programme and go to a news event
  • PIDLE - Programme Interruption Device Live Event. Visual device to come out of a current transmitted programme and go to a News Event
  • Piece to camera - (PTC) Reporter in vision during a report; a "stand-upper"
  • Pillarbox - Often happens when a 4:3 image shown on a 16:9 set
  • PPM - Peak Programme Meter. Audio level indicator used by Sound Engineers. PPM 6 being the maximum allowed for audio distribution
  • PPV - Pay Per View - programme, event or film purchasable on a 'one-off' basis
  • PROFILE - Omnibus Hard Disk video recorder/player
  • Promo - Pictures (and FX) to trail ahead to a feature
  • PVR - Personal Video Recorder - device with in-built EPG and hard disc drive used for digitally recording programmes.


  • Q&A - Question and Answer; a 2-way; a DTL


  • RANT - Reporter piece to camera lasting approx one minute
  • RC - Remote Control
  • RVTB - Reverse Talkback. Same as SWTB but in reverse - others speak to Director


  • SATVAN - Vehicle equipped to transmit to Satellite for the purposes of News Gathering
  • SD - Standard Definition
  • SDN - S4C Digital Networks - Operator of digital terrestrial multiplex A
  • SES Astra - Society of European Satellites - Astra. Luxembourg based satellite operator.
  • SHF - Super High Frequency - band of frequencies used for Satellite reception
  • SMG - Scottish Media Group. (see "ITV") (weblink)
  • SOF - Sound on Film (very old terminology)
  • SOT - Sound on tape (old terminology)
  • SOVT - Sound on video tape (old terminology)
  • Sting - Any short piece of audio or video which accompanies an event, eg news headlines whose intention is to grab your attention.
  • STU - Set Top Unit
  • Studio C - The studio of BBC World News and BBC News at Five (UK) at Broadcasting House
  • Studio E - The studio for BBC One/News Channel at Broadcasting House
  • SYNC - A clip from an interview; Also an engineering term which identifies the start of a video signal


  • T-Mail - E-Mail via Television Set
  • TALKBACK - TB. Audio Communications tool for various locations to talk to one another to co-ordinate events. Primarily used by Director to Presenter and all ancillary staff. Always switched on so everything the Director says is heard at all times
  • TARIF - Technical Apparatus for the Rectification of Inferior Film. Adjusts the colour, hue, blacks and gain of film for suitable transmission on TV
  • TLS - The London Studios, former home of ITV/LWT
  • TOTH - Top of the Hour
  • TRACK - Correspondents voice piece
  • TRUCK - Vehicle pictures are recorded or transmitted from
  • TVC - Television Centre, former home of the BBC
  • TX - Transmission; Instruction to transmit something for Directors
  • TX OOV - Instruction to transmit pictures narrated live out of vision


  • UHF - Ultra High Frequency - band of frequencies used for both analogue and digital terrestrial television
  • UPSOVT - A clip of audio during a VT OOV (also known as UPSOT, UPSOF)
  • UPSUM - Summary (of breaking news) for Presenter to use to recap


  • VHF - Very High Frequency - band of frequencies once used in the UK for black and white television, now used for digital radio.
  • VITS - Virtical Interval Time Signal. The top 28 lines of a TV signal used by Teletext. Also contains test signals
  • VT - Videotape
  • VT OOV - old terminology of TX OOV


  • Widescreen - Images displayed in a 16:9 format