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TV Home Forum

…and finally
itsrobert: Goodbye, TV Forum! itsrobert 2001-2021
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The Newsroom

International News Presentation: Past and Present
WW Update: I posted this a few pages back, but hey, it's such a wonderful, strangely relevant farewell that it just has to close this 14-year-old thread:
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Mass Media & Tech

Disney+ UK Launch Date Confirmed
Jonwo: A lot of the smaller studios like eOne and Studiocanal often sell the distribution rights to their films because they either don't have the resources to distribute to every country and also it helps...
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Media Websites

TV Whirl - Celebrating 20 Purple Years
james-2001: One of my earliest memories of TV Forum was a bunch of trolls, I assume from a school or college, flooding the forum with insulting posts about James Spiring one afternoon.
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The Gallery

Goodbye TVF Gallery
TheRealThomanory: A wonderful end to a brilliant website!
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Archived discussion between March 2021 - July 2022 is on TV Live Forum

About TV Forum

The site discussed television presentation and news, branding, schedules and programmes. TV Home was dedicated to the latest channel branding and continuity as well as some of the most discussed shows on UK TV including Good Morning Britain and Strictly Come Dancing.

The onscreen merits of the leading news channels, including the BBC and Sky, and how they handled major news events was covered in The Newsroom.

Members created outstanding mock designs in The Gallery.

The site closed after twenty years on 31st March 2021 at 22:03:01.

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