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…and finally

Hello everyone, given that I already posted on this farewell thread, I nevertheless feel, that on this, the last day of TV Forum, I would also like to take an opportunity to say some proper last words, that I actually already told privately to Asa a few days ago, but I feel that it's best if I also share them here with all of you, this website was launched on the 22nd of March 2001, that was the day I turned 3 years old, so first I want to say that it's been awesome sharing a birthday with this amazing website, and even though I only joined recently, as all you can see, I wanted to say that I enjoyed every minute of it. I joined this website at a time when I was very depressed, and this wonderful community has helped me to overcome my depression (it's a process I am still doing), and to be honest, it's very sad that this one was the last birthday that I was going to share with TV Forum itself, but it made it even more special, in fact I can say it's been probably my best birthday. So I just wanted to say thank you to each and every one of you for everything! I hope I will see you all on TV Live Forum. Also given that TV Forum will become a read only website, a sort of time capsule if you will, I also want to say, not only to myself, but to everybody else who will read this in the future, that I hope that all of your dreams and wishes will come true, and I hope that the world of the future will be a world full of peace, love and understanding. I wish you the very best in your life, and I hope that you will be able to get of this dark tunnel that you are in. All the very best!
With deep gratitude
Roger Darthwell
PS: Given that everybody are leaving last videos, I thought to do the same as well, both of them recorded on the 9th of November 1997
Here is the last ever Ceefax on BBC One

Here is the last ever closedown on BBC One

My apologies if I have ever behaved badly, it's been emotional, it's been a blast! See you all on TV Live Forum, and Asa, thank you for the very hard work that you have done over 20 years, all the very very best to you and I hope we will see you on TV Live Forum! Goodbye TV Forum!

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French TV

So JPP got a LONG send-off this afternoon on the 13h bulletin. An hour worth of tributes, plus the news. I've edited it down to the open and the last five minutes, where he hands over the baton to new presenter Marie-Sophie Lacarrau.


After Jan Hofer, another great of European TV retires, I hope he enjoys his retirement