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International News Presentation: Past and Present

I posted this a few pages back, but hey, it's such a wonderful, strangely relevant farewell that it just has to close this 14-year-old thread:

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Brexit Day/Night coverage

Brexit is now official. I wonder how the broadcasters will cover it.

Well, one of the first things the BBC did was grab a couple of ladies from the Brexit rally in Parliament Square and asked them what they wanted from Brexit, and when the answer they gave wasn't good enough, the reporter proceeded to try and skew them for more detail. The sort of detail they would never demand of a Remain voter.

The rest of their coverage dwelt on the fact that nothing has changed and the focus of concern moved to 31st December, and all the problems that could occur then if we don't get a trade deal.

I am the first to defend the BBC normally when it comes to bias but I have to say their centre of gravity when it comes to EU membership is clearly skewed. I don't even think it's intentional - I think genuinely some of its staff cannot fathom how anyone can think Brexit is a good idea.

I suspect this will end up with some complaints to Ofcom...

Well, if the crowd was overwhelmingly white in an otherwise multicultural, multiracial London, surely there's nothing wrong with mentioning that fact? It's relevant.
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