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Eurovision 2021 - Netherlands - NPO/AVROTROS/NOS

Ahoy Arena - Rotterdam - 18/20/22 May 2021 (May 2019)

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Well, Belarus could be out from this year's contest as their entrant's song has some controversial political subtext, hence there's been a petition to disqualify them. Over 1000 people have signed it.

Yours truly is one of them
Seems like the UK-entry 'Embers' is already leaked by a czech radio station:
DVB Cornwall
Here’s the UK Video
Hatton Cross
Umm. Underwhelming. No real 'hook' apart from a repeated trumpet blare and an odd autotune lite-esque effect on the vocal in the chorus.

Hope I'm wrong but another middleing of right hand side of the scoreboard result incoming.
I think it's way better than his song last year, but still reasonably bland which - as we know - doesn't make it fly on the night. Plus, I still have severe doubts about his ability to perform live.

It's very 'in vogue' with it's production, though - plenty of brass and heavy synths with a 'second beat drop'.
Someone more technically music minded than I might be able to clarify whether this is doesn't feel it. I always get confused whether musical terms are actually based on numbers - bpm etc or just a 'feel'. Overall though, the rudder has very gently been moved in the right direction again. Compare this to something like Bonnie Tyler's entry, which to my mind was a great album track put in a competition that was in a completely different place.

On the bad side, yes, his vocals always sound a little breathless - I can never work out whether that's his style? Even so, a passer-by audience will probably have the same judgement as a lot of others. Also, we have the unfortunate scenario that this performance might 'pop' if there was a wealth of bouncy crowd shots...we're not sure what they are going to look like yet.

I think the more interesting conversation is whether this gets more than the 111 that Lucie Jones got in Kiev...the best we have in the current voting system. My thought it'll be roughly on par...and will tip us over into 11 years without a top-half finish.

Presentation-ally...sticking to the forum rules to the end...interesting to see Switzerland go to the top of the odds. Would be great to see how a Francophone country deals with the modern English-heavy contest. 1989, the last, had a lot more French in it...including a scoreboard in French. Would be great to see whether they test the working languages of the EBU guidelines...

Switzerland's entry very similar to the last winner though - a general rule I have is that no similar 'types' of song win consecutively (I reserve the right to change what I mean by type at will lol), but the year off complicates things.

Finally on the BBC - I've had this theory that as President of the EBU, Lord Hall fancied the BBC hosting Eurovision again. He was definitely at Lisbon, which is the first time a BBC DG has appeared for a long time. Yes he was there for an EBU meeting, but Lisbon 2018...after 2019 the direction changes. 2021 first time we have a chance to see it on stage. I hope the strategy doesn't disappear now he's left those roles.
It's more 5 years ago than current, but it's not bad. We need to kick harder to get a good result though.
DVB Cornwall
First viewing on big screen through decent speakers, if and it's a BIG IF the sound mix on the night is identical to what's offered on the YT video it'll do relatively well, that's an enormous gamble, it depends a hell of a lot on that. Worth the risk though, the number of traditional 'bops' present this year so far is low.
Well, Belarus could be out from this year's contest as their entrant's song has some controversial political subtext, hence there's been a petition to disqualify them. Over 1000 people have signed it.

Yours truly is one of them

BREAKING: EBU has written to the Belarusian broadcaster that their chosen song breaks the contest’s rules - they have also been threatened with disqualification:
I think it’s a good song and can imagine it could be played across the BBC’s family of stations and some commercial ones with no stigma attached to it, unlike some previous songs. I do think it is an improvement on last years too, it all depends on the performance. Unfortunately, the UK staging usually leaves a lot to be desired.
The UK song, it kind of feels like it's almost there, perhaps the live performance will be the missing piece. I much prefer it to his song last year.

It's an interesting year. San Marino of all countries has been very well received and could end up doing really well indeed. From what has been selected so far I think Switzerland has a chance of pulling off an Arcade style win. But I think it all rests on how good Iceland's song is compared to last year.

As it stands I don't think James should be worried about being at the bottom. I think that will be a toss up between Spain, Germany and the Netherlands.
Mateus Honrado
Honestly, I just feel like both Spain and the UK shouldn't have retained their entrants from last year for this year.

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