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…and finally

Farewell for the last time dear TV Forum! It really had been a pleasure talking about television's nichest possible subjects at tedious length with you all! It's been great seeing how quickly the chat has developed over on TV Live so I'm confident we'll all be together again for the long haul.

This has easily been my favourite and most viewed website over the last few years and I really will miss it.

Thank you again Asa for twenty brilliant years. I first discovered it through the brilliant TV Home all those years ago but didn't quite anticipate how much this forum would mean to me and how regularly I would visit. Phenomenal UI and updates by the way, particularly over the last few years.

See you all on the other side x
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Good Morning Britain

Anyone else wondering what it’s got to do with Alex Beresford? Stick to the weather and mind your own shop. That dreadful rambling monologue was so contrived. No wonder Piers did one.

Congratulations on writing one of the dumbest comments ever seen on Television Forum just weeks before its demise.