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End of a Yorkshire Duo

Goodbye to Gaynor & John (March 2021)

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RDJ posted:

Is there a specific reason why they are leaving? A shame when anybody leaves a programme after so many years; but two together?

Good Luck to John and Gaynor from Granadaland 👍😀

ITV has been offering voluntary redundancy.
Ben Shatliff and Ballyboy gave kudos
It is understood no target has been set but is not expected to run too far into double figures and not all of those who ask to leave are expected to have their request granted.
I'm going to miss Gaynor Barnes she is a fantastic journalist and has shown that over many years. I do also miss the tonight show that she did many years ago.
Andrew Founding member
Its funny, on “Tonight” in the 90s Gaynor was second to Christine, and then it’s been the same situation in recent years on Calendar.

She also must have either presented or narrated tens and tens of different regional programmes, back when they were a thing, she was pretty much the face of Yorkshire TV regional programmes at that stage

John has obviously presented every variant of football programming over the years, I’m sure at one time in the 90s he presented a live Champions League game or two, when Yorkshire opted out of the network game to show Leeds United. Rights were obviously much easier to come by than they are now.
jaymadz and South Today gave kudos
Some great highlights tonight on Calendar showed how much these two have achieved over 30 years a genuinely nice team will be sorely missed by us all in Yorkshire
Andrew Founding member
Good tribute tonight, also they even got the network announcer to record a special announcement for the ident at 6pm. Gaynor and John don’t usually get acknowledged on a Friday
South Today
Did anyone manage to capture it please?
Did anyone manage to capture it please?

I did -
chevron, London Lite and Steve in Pudsey gave kudos
South Today
Thank you very much Sir!
jolly turnip
That's a nice tribute to them both, very much an end of an era there. Loyal to the end.
Towielad and chevron gave kudos
Steve in Pudsey
Very similar vibe to the Harry Gration tribute, showing how in the past there seemed to be a bit more breathing space for lighter/sillier features
DE88 and South Today gave kudos
I grew up over that side of the Pennines. It’s always sad to see presenters you grew up with leave. My first memory of Gaynor was on ‘it’s a vets life’.

Notable absence of words from Christa and Geoff in the montage.

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