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News about TV Forum (March 2021)

This site closed in March 2021 and is now a read-only archive
Goodbye peeps.
interestednovice, Roger Darthwell and jamiedd gave kudos
Thank you TV Fourm, Good night.
interestednovice and UTVLifer gave kudos
Missed it?...missed out!
bye yall

Rkolsen and iloveTV1 gave kudos
Don't post on here all that much but love reading through the various threads and topics.
Will miss the forum a lot.
Thank you Asa for providing us TV geeks/fans with a great place to meet and converse.
Let's hope the TV Live Forum can become as popular.

Enjoy your "retirement" Asa Laughing
MarkT76, interestednovice and Asa gave kudos
Similar story to many really, discovered this site aged 16 and since then for 9 years it’s become a constant therapeutic escape, to see people discussing such seemingly trivial matters as news studios and shiny or flat graphics made me realise I wasn’t alone in my fascination. I never posted much, much to the fear of seeming like a young knows-nothing compared to some of you who work in this industry.

I’ll miss the discussions, I’ll miss the arguments and I’ll miss the crap mocks of GMB too!

Thanks to all for making this a brilliant site and such an amazing escape through some really troubled times. I can’t wait to start again on the new site! And of course massive heartfelt congratulations to Asa and all the other moderators, admins and people behind the scenes!
MarkT76, interestednovice and Asa gave kudos
bye yall

How did I know you were going to post that?
Thanks again, Asa. This forum has been a great way to get through the last year or so. I will miss it but TV Live forum so far is looking great and a worthy successor.
TVViewer256 and Roger Darthwell gave kudos
Very sad that today is TVF’s last day (and this my last post). But it’s occurred to me that Asa has handled this so well - giving us just the right amount of time to come to terms with it closing, for Rob to make TVLiveForum a reality, and for us to reminisce and pay thanks. It’s been genuinely lovely reading many of the posts over the last month recalling favourite presentations, or moments in pres or TVF history. And, of course, to raise some money for a great cause as thanks to Asa. Another admin web-master might have just said ‘we’re closing tomorrow’, or given such long notice it either stopped feeling real or drowned out a year of discussion in sadness. But not Asa. Bravo.

And leaving it up as read-only is a selfless and much appreciated decision. So much history captured, as well as old discussions for us to return to.

TVF going out with the same care and thoughtfulness of its 20 year run.

Thank you Asa, and good bye TVF ❤️
Bye yall.
Thanks again Asa, and all of the TVF team - past and present. All the best! ❤️
One last thought, tomorrow morning when Alan Yentob wakes up with a start and realises it was all a dream... who from TVF will be in bed with him?

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