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News about TV Forum (March 2021)

This site closed in March 2021 and is now a read-only archive
I've been a fan of TV Forum since 2009 but didn't make an account in 2017. I've enjoyed my time making threads about breakdowns, making threads about what could happen next year in television, looking at all the different mocks people have made in The Gallery, seeing all the news going on in the TV world and more importantly, speaking to people who actually share the same interest as me. It's honestly been such an amazing experience being on TV Fourm and hopefully we will all be together on a new fourm one day moaning about oneness.

This will alway be the king of TV presentation fourm.

Thank you Asa.
I joined in 2015, as a 15 year old boy interested in branding and graphic design, I'm now almost 21 years old and have effectively grown up with TV Forum.

I've had many an argument over in The Gallery and in TV Home Forum, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

If you've commented, given me feedback or expressed how s**t my mocks were, thank you! Very Happy It's helped me to improve massively.

I enjoy TV Forum a lot more now seeing as I work in Broadcast media. I check in first thing every morning and last thing at night.

I'll miss it.

Here's hoping we can find a new home and carry on creating mocks, imaginary rotas and sharing an equal disgust for Oneness!
Neil Jones Founding member
On TV Forum highlights over the years, I really appreciated discussion we've had previously on the ITV Circuits, as in how programmes get to and from each ITV company. I'd heard the continuity announcers say at the time saying something "well we seem to have lost <whatever's just fallen off the air>, we'll try and get it back for you, in the meantime here's some music", and it wasn't until it was mentioned on here that you realised "get it back for you" was far closer to the truth than you otherwise would have thought. A fun logistical operation.
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J. Lyric
I've only just now heard about this - Awful to see the site go.

Much like a few other people, I didn't have an account here, but I certainly scrolled across the site and saw what it had to offer.
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Thanks for everything Asa, this forum has been absolutely brilliant.

Looking forward to the new TV Live one too, Rob.

I’ve got a few mocks that I’ve been keeping private, but I guess I’ll post a few spaced out before March and the forum close.
James Vertigan Founding member
Very sorry to read this news Asa, but thank you for creating this forum in the first place. I’m proud to have been a member since the early days but understand what an effort goes in to hosting/moderating sites like this so I respect your decision.

I am glad to see that Rob is looking to set up a similar site to continue presentation related discussion as I was worried that DigitalSpy was going to be the only alternative!

Asa, you should be proud that the forum has lasted this long and has also had recognition and input from people in the industry, from Quizmania’s Greg Scott to Puffin’s Pla(i)ce’s Kevin Pamplin.

TVForum may be going, but at least we will still have the memories.

I shall finish this post by just mentioning two words...

Free Willy 😉

Inspector Sands
Ah damn, that's sad news. I've been a member here under this name since 2004 apparently, and before that with another name and can't believe its been so long. I will be very sorry to see it go because I spend far too much time here. Along with Facebook, Twitter and Reddit it's one of the only sites I visit and check daily - it's a permanent tab on my phones browser (although a site I use subtlety at work as I really don't want anyone to know that I contribute let alone who I am!).

So it's going to be a big hole in my routine and my online life. I've learnt so much from this site, including a lot of stuff that's helped me at work, hopefully others have learnt from me too. I'm very proud of being 4th in the Kudos chart, and glad I won't be overtaken in that now (but disappointed I won't have a chance to overtake Brekkie! Rolling Eyes )

TV Forum played a small part in a life changing event. Years ago I saw a great job advertised in a part of the country that I'd bee looking to relocate to. The application didn't seem to be going anywhere, I hadn't heard back however I was pretty sure that a member here did that job so I enquired. That member was able to give me a name to contact to chase it directly, he then also gave me a few pointers and background information for the interview.

I got that job, relocated and because of that there's now a Mrs Sands and two little junior Sands Very Happy

One thing to be glad for is the intention to keep TV Forum online as an archive, it's a valuable source of information and regularly comes up on Google searches for things, it would be such a shame if it just disappeared.

Hopefully in time there'll be a replacement that's got the same sense of community and shared culture as TVF, that takes a while to establish and I've seen many attempts to create similar forums and they never flourish.

Thanks Asa, I'm sorry I never got a warning email from you. Still got 27 days to achieve that Laughing
".......and away it goes, forever".

I read the forum every day, but never really considered myself a "regular" poster (despite registering back in 2003, this is one of only two boards still existing I still have this username on!). It's a great shame to see that one of my regular "stops" on the net will be no more, but as the old saying goes, something....something....great things....end. A massive thank you to Asa and the team for building such a great community over what, let's face it, is a bit of a niche subject in the grander scale of telly things!

Good to see the archive will be kept up though, it would have been a shame to have lost all the input from the near last 20 years, including those anecdotes from Tony Currie and the postings of Paul Clark, who sadly passed away recently.

See you all on the spiritual successor!

Thanks Asa,
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Funny how some of us shared how we discovered sites like TV Forum in our younger days last week...

I've felt honoured to be one of the community for the best part of 20 years, so thanks to everyone who's joined in the discussion down the years, especially those who I've become good friends with.

Here's hoping for more of the same in another place at another time...
I'm sorry to hear this news, but how many non-corporate websites can say they've been running for 20 years? That's a very good long run. I can't blame you for feeling it's time to step down. Good luck to Asa with your future endeavours and good luck to Rob on the successor site.
Steve Founding member
I think I probably speak for a lot of the founding crew that TV Forum has been a really important part of our lives for all these years.

We’ve grown up with it, it’s nurtured our interest in presentation and the way tv ‘works’ and it also helped us realise that we were not alone in having an interest and passion - and it’s hard to underestimate how important that has been at times.

The familiar names - Bail, Isonstine, Rob, to name just a few - it’s been a pleasure being part of the community with you.

To the insiders - whose insight is valued beyond words by 95% of us who share your passion, thank you, your posts are always a highlight.

To Asa - you’re a legend. Thank you for putting up with the rotas and the tantrums. As someone who briefly hosted the TV Home Forum in one of our great forum crashes in the early days, I’m genuinely proud to have been a small part of this site.

I hope someone can capture the best of this site and continue the discussion. But it genuinely will be the end of an era - for me, for many. And for a website that involves people chatting about the stuff that most don’t notice, that’s quite a legacy.
PATV Scunthorpe
I can't deny that I'm feeling quite sad about this, but needs must.

I don't think I can remember exactly how I discovered the site, but it no doubt had something to do with Good Morning Britain.

It's been a pleasure being a member for six and a half years, and while I still cringe whenever I find some of my early posts (I was only 13 at the time), it's been great taking part in discussions and being able to share my mocks and recreations in a space where other people can give me feedback and advice.

It will feel very weird not having any updates post March, especially as TVF has been part of my social media cycle for quite some time, visiting here just as many times as I do Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat throughout the day.

Although one thing I suppose I can take away is having the number one rated Gallery thread, which while I am very grateful for that, there are definitely a few others who deserve the official title.

Thank you to Asa and everyone involved for an enjoyable time.

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