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News about TV Forum (March 2021)

This site closed in March 2021 and is now a read-only archive
Well done Asa, it’s been a remarkable run.

Although I don’t post much these days, I still check in from time to time. The site tells me my first post was April 2001. Reviewing it, I’m pleased to see my spelling has come on a bit.

All the very best to you and whatever comes after this site. It’s been a pleasure.
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I think others have covered it all more eloquently than me...

Just to add my word of thanks for creating something so well established - an impressive achievement in its own right - and something that will be much missed in my daily routine. I'm another one of the originals who stepped into the shadows more recently, but I continued to enjoy reading the insights and knowledge of others. It's been fun watching the drama and in-jokes unfold, and 20 years on I'm still unsure how I'd explain all of this to anyone outside the community.

I think Larry said it well: "I can't quite believe how emotional I'm feeling because I won't be able to discuss TV logos with a bunch of strangers on the internet".
thegeek Founding member
It's funny the memories this thread has jogged.
2002 or thereabouts, visiting a friend in the north of England and using the red button picker to view the small number regional variations of the 6.30 news on BBC One on Sky, something I likely wouldn't have known (or possibly cared) about if I hadn't read it here.
Or, thanks to a post here, having a Sky News camera crew pitch up at my flat in 2007 to film me watching Sky One go blank on my Virgin Media box at midnight, due to a contract dispute. (Apparently I stayed on their system as stock footage of 'person watching cable TV' for ages).
And then there's all the minutiea of telly pres that's lodged in my brain despite me having no need to know it, like which News 24 cover presenter often wore a doily, or what a PIDLE was for, or the layout of the backstage area of Lock Keeper's Cottages.
It's life changing, I tell ya...
Yikes, this one really got me!

This site feels like an engrained part of my psyche - my soul, even - and it feels like something very momentous is happening inside myself in tandem with this ending. It's sort of got me feeling all spiritual - dare I say, considering the "oneness" of all - this forum has been both a part of me and a reflection of myself since I was literally a kid.

I'm 30 now, life still rumbles on, and I still keep obsessing over logos, typefaces, idents, presentation when I get a minute while the rest of my life swirls and dances. Recent times have felt like the hardest of all; loved ones passing away, the bittersweet end of a two year relationship with an amazing therapist, a breakup last month - it's felt like I'm losing everything at times. Today, reading this, it felt like another domino fell.

But I know every storm passes. Humans survive, endure, evolve. There is some divine order at play here, something beautiful, even if we can't quite figure it out or understand it yet. We will one day...

This community spoke to my authentic self in a way that is so profound. It spoke to a deeper part of me that I've always loved. The people here have been like a distant family (and at times in the olden days, bitter enemies) and even if I've spent a lot of my time lurking, I've always been here. Checking in. Typing 'tvf' into my address bar out of habit.

All the characters you keep track of, all the personalities and opinions and fierceness. I've followed you all, I've loved you all.

All a bit schmaltzy, but f*ck it. I'd rather my cheeks burned for a few moments and I spoke from the bottom my heart, than not expressing the depth of my feeling at all.

Thank you so very much for shaping me, Asa, and thank you to everyone.
When I first heard this great place would be closing down, I didn't know what to say. Now that I've had a couple of weeks to take in the news, I still don't know what to say. But I feel like I've got to say something, so here we go...

Asa, thank you for steering this ship for longer than I've been on this planet. Bail and Charlie Wells, thank you for being such great moderators.

And to everybody else, thank you for some of the most interesting discussions I've ever been part of.

This site has been with me through some real high points and occasionally mentioned low points. I'm sure we'll all meet again in someplace new, but TV Forum will always have a special place in my memories.
Ever since the announcement I've been in denial. A large part of me is still wishing that I'll log on on April 1st and find a big banner saying "Happy April Fools!"

But until then. Just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has contributed to this forum. I know when I joined I was an annoying child who everyone hated. (Now I'm just an annoying adult who everyone hates). Hopefully I have developed and matured over the years.

I love taking the time to develop my thoughts on a topic on here, writing out the post and re-reading it over, then waiting to see what the reaction will be. Truth be told, I often go over my old posts and read them again. Which is a bit sad really, but I'm a bit proud of some of the posts I've made in the last few years. I'm particularly proud of my essay on the BBC rebrand of 1997 and why I think it was so special. I'm much more articulate in the written word than I am when speaking out loud, which is why I spend so much time on forums like this.

I'm so sad that this place is closing, I really am. It's a community that's important to us because TV presentation is quite a niche thing, and nobody will admit to being a TV ident fan in real life conversation.

I love all the in jokes that make me laugh and the regulars that make this place so fascinating to read. I hope that Rob's new forum will be a continuation of the community of this forum as much as possible.

Thanks to Asa, Charlie, Bail, and moderators past.

Asa, I hope we'll see you again one day on the new forum as a normal poster, but maybe after a well deserved break.
Shall we open a book on when Rob will have to ban Asa for going off topic? Very Happy
scottishtv Founding member
Shall we open a book on when Rob will have to ban Asa for going off topic? Very Happy

Many people are capable of posting on forums without ever getting warned or banned.
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rob Founding member
Shall we open a book on when Rob will have to ban Asa for going off topic? Very Happy

Many people are capable of posting on forums without ever getting warned or banned.

19 years, 11 months and counting... Smile Smile Smile Smile
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So sorry to have read this news.

I joined in 2007 when I was... 14! I haven't posted much bar a few sporadic mocks but I've always enjoyed lurking a few times each month.

Thanks for all your hard work Asa and the same goes to all of the moderators.

TV Forum has given me a lot of joy throughout the past 14 years and I will miss it very much.
That little icon has been sat on my favourites toolbar for over 12 years and while I have hardly posted I have enjoyed lurking throughout those years, following developments, reading how things works and watching some fascinating behind the scenes.
Well done ASA! It will be a shame to see it go but completely understand your reasoning.

Like others in this topic, I don’t post often but can honestly say it’s been my most visited site over the past 20 years! I’ll check in multiple times a day enjoy reading through the range of discussions taking place.

I’ll miss the expertise of those who work in the industry who know how things work and are great at knowing what’s actually going on behind the scenes, the creativity of the mock artists who have had an audience who could give them genuinely valuable feedback, often because they have a background of working in tv presentation.

The requests forum where members have been genuinely helpful in sourcing music tracks when you have an ear-worm that just won’t go away and the general topic forum where you never know what you might find but often was a way of finding out about new and upcoming programming.

Thank you so much Asa for creating such a wonderful forum and good luck with your future endeavours!
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