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Last day at BBC News (March 2021)

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Goodness did not see that coming. At first I assumed it must be a tongue-in-cheek post from Simon.
He’ll be a huge loss to BBC News - one of the most popular newsreaders around and gets the balance just right between covering the hard news stories excellently but also showing personality on the lighter stories.

Don’t want to get into speculating about his future destination (if indeed he does want to continue on TV or news) - all I’d say is any channel/programme that isn’t or hasn’t at least enquired about signing him isn’t doing their job properly. He’d be an asset to any channel or news programme.
I Couldn't agree more Mishal!

Also what a way to see out TV Forum - a big Simon McCoy moment and already a few GMB mentions in here.
All it needs for full TVF bingo is Simon to be ‘wearing black’ for his final BBC shift and for it all to be somehow linked to the Sky News rebrand that has seemingly been imminent ever since it was introduced according to some on here.
I know we’re not allowed to talk about GB News, but I wonder...
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I have to say too, for anybody wanting to relive Simon McCoy’s best bits, Scott Bryan’s Twitter feed is well worth a read this morning.
Have to say too I wouldn’t be shocked if Scott were a poster on here - he’d fit in brilliantly (and that’s very much meant as a compliment).
Rolling News
In true TVF tradition are we to speculate on his replacement ?
In true TVF tradition are we to speculate on his replacement ?

If we're gonna speculate, then I'd say Martine Croxall.
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In true TVF tradition are we to speculate on his replacement ?

Big Moira.
In true TVF tradition are we to speculate on his replacement ?


I'd hedge my bets on it being shared between Jane, Reeta and Clive or at least for the foreseeable. Kate Silverton seems to have secured the Friday slot, going on recent appearances. Reeta and Clive have rarely appeared on any other of the BBC One Bulletins since this pandemic commenced. But who knows, there have been so many shock departures of late, anything could happen.
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Stop all the clocks
Cut off the telephone
Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone.....

OK maybe overreacting a little bit, but very sad to see him leave.
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House posted:
While it’s a crying shame Simon’s leaving the BBC and I very much hope he lands somewhere else soon (notwithstanding any personal considerations he might have - Simon, like the monarch, has a moral and public duty to continue to the very end), I think it’s fairly obvious he’s leaving as part of the latest round in cuts. We knew that some NC and WN presenters would be leaving as they seek to share more resources, and he leaves on the same day as others.

Yes it'll be a round of cuts taking place before the end of the financial year, what with it being close to the end of March.
And here's something we haven't discussed much-The Time Simon McCoy went on air on Christmas Day 2018, in a massive Bow Tie!

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