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I’m not trying to be defensive - I’m just challenging the whole notion of bias. As I’ve said, few people who accuse any broadcaster of bias can actually point to any proof of it.

I don’t know who you have been talking to or what you know so obviously I can’t comment on any individual cases. I certainly wasn’t “victim blaming” and if you know of former staff members who have genuine grievances, then that’s fair enough. As I say, we’re talking at cross purposes here as I don’t know the specifics of what you’re talking about.

Jimmy Savile is often brought up in discussions about the BBC and yes, I think it’s highly likely that a few people covered up for him. But his popularity was based on ignorance of what he was really like. If people had been aware of the things he did, obviously his career would have ended much sooner.

I’m not trying to say that STV News is perfect but I think some of the criticism I’ve seen in some of these posts is unfair. We’re all entitled to our opinions but trite nonsense about bias and propaganda just sounds like it comes from some kind of “Let’s bash the media” handbook.

I'm terms of bias, well there always is some. It's just a question of how much and from what perspective. The idea of unbiased broadcast news is fiction and allways has been: the angle of the story, choice of interview, language used etc all introduce bias as much as simply promoting one view and dismissing another.

I think you’re wrong. Most PSB broadcasters have always attempted to put out a fair and balanced report/programme.
It may not be perfect, but certainly an overall ‘summary’ of both sides of the story that is suitable for your average viewer who takes a helicopter view.

Problems of perceived bias these days are due to unchallenged views in social media echo chambers with a general unwillingness to even listen to a different viewpoint. That and online partisan ‘news’ sources masquerading as balanced news sites.

On the whole, UK mainstream TV news gets it right most of the time.
What I meant by “trite nonsense” is the constant repetition of words like “propaganda” and the people on Twitter who go on about “Westminster overlords” and all the “is it true or did you hear it on the BBC?” Stuff that gets repeated ad nauseam. Yes, people will have different viewpoints about this and it’s right for viewers to challenge their perception of what they see and hear in the media but these kind of responses are at best childish and do nothing to strengthen any argument.
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100% this!

Broadcasters and other media outlets are often accused of bias. Occasionally it's completely merited. However, reducing ourselves to playground pointing and 'sweary words' actually completely destroys the argument. Hopefully the end of the Trump regime will start to spell a new relationship between people and 'power'. We all need to grow up a bit.
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Can I advise everyone buys a psychology book for Christmas or at least read up on what cognitive bias in? Ta everso.

Oh, and no “I’m not affected by that” - every human is.
Steve in Pudsey
Newspapers do have bias, and (unlike broadcasting) are allowed to be blatant, so I think your Daily Mail comment is a little far off the mark.

I think you'll find a few minutes with Google and the search term "Obama regime" instructive. It is used and not always in a pejorative way.
Steve in Pudsey
But if you compare and contrast the results returned for "Obama Administration" and "Trump Administration" you get a similar split.

In terms of dismissing news sources, it's often not down to bias, but the crying wolf effect. Publish **** enough times and don't be surprised when a truthful article isn't taken seriously.

Very much agree on your point about recycling press releases, which I think is more a symptom of underfunding rather than any conscious bias.
Very sad news tonight - STV News, North editor Donald J MacDonald has unexpectedly passed away:

Nicola Sturgeon responded:

11 days later

Gary McEwan
Back to Scotland wide tonight from Glasgow with Emma Cameron. I suspect it'll be like this now for the next 4 weeks or so.
Back to Scotland wide tonight from Glasgow with Emma Cameron. I suspect it'll be like this now for the next 4 weeks or so.

Today is a Bank Holiday in Scotland, so I think the single-headed, pan-Scottish programme was always planned for tonight. But, I can see them going back to the single programme now.
Yep we are now back to a pan-Scottish, same last night and the weather was whole Scotland map.

11 days later

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STV News is from Aberdeen this weekend, it really shows how bad the upscaling is when they switch to the pre-recorded weather forecast from Glasgow, while the main news is in HD.

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