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Final post


…and finally

Am I the only person here, not deciding to make a consciously final post? I was just going to carry on as normal. This might be the last one, or I might post something at 11pm on the 31st. I just dunno. It's what helps makes life so exciting 😎

Yes, and based on the last few weeks, we will probably see about 3 more major TV events between now and the end of the month!

This will drive you crazy, but I know of three big projects in the works and in the pipelines, that when we are allowed to say, will keep us talking over at GMTV.. err TV Live Forum...for a good while.

Highest kudoed post


…and finally

Very sad to see the site close to new contributions.
It’s been part of my life since I discovered it in the university library along with Darren Meldrum’s Private Parts! (I’ve had various usernames over the years after being a long time lurker, then posting something before forgetting my username and password!)

I think in the last few years the quality of post has slipped due to the impact of social media -
some of the worst of Twitter shouting dilutes the quality of discussion.

If TV Live Forum is to be our new GMTV to our TV-am, then I hope our usernames reflect our current identities.
It’s a niche community of people who I don’t know but rather like, and I’d like to still interact with you.

Maybe the decision to close this site might encourage more thoughtful and tolerant postings going forward on the new one. (and to save Rob a job moderating it all)

I think @allnewphil said earlier that this site has been a lifeline of normality over the past crazy year. I agree entirely. Reading the posts, watching the ‘YouTube Gold’ clips have kept me sane and from completely going off the rails - I came very close.

In the grand scheme of things, what we talk about is not important, but it’s important to us. And long may it continue.
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