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BBC News - Venetian Blinds and Chinese Lanterns

(March 2021)

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By 1987, the weekend bulletins shared the Six set and fixtures.

“The Pesch”.
Steve Williams
I'm sure the change happened earlier in 1985, though? Indeed, this clip shows the blue titles and set (which I always took to be little more than a case of refreshing the look) were in place by May 1985, while the Nine O'Clock News didn't relaunch until September.

By 1987, the weekend bulletins shared the Six set and fixtures.

Well, fancy that. Maybe they moved in early 1985 from the Nine set to the Six set?
She may have lost her Venetian blinds, but BIG MOIRA still has her (white) Chinese lantern here in September 1988:

But not for long. Two months later, lanterns, blinds and the old news set is gone forever. But BIG MOIRA is still there.

Great thread. George Fenton's theme was full-blown orchestra and punchy - still better than today's David Lowe's endless bleeps. I never got to find a clean copy of the intro - another one to the elusive list!

I recorded this from a Charlie Brooker's Newswipe, when he used the theme for the closing credits, if it's any good. I can't work out if it's been faded a little at the end, or if that is the full track...

Thanks, appreciated. This has been faded out as there was a definite end to the theme, it's about ?25? seconds. I remember hearing it on at least one occasion where the headlines were longer than usual or the newsreader was not reading them quick enough.

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