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Newscaster of the.......Millennium

Those of you who know me well will know why I’ve chosen my 9747th post to be my last on this particular forum.

Apart from that slightly obvious reason, there’s another. And that is that the impending closure of TVF is - oddly - causing me anxiety. Lol. And I also don’t know why.

Well, I do actually. Since the turn of the millennium (give or take a year), TV Forum has been a place we’ve all visited from time to time. Some of us have visited practically hourly for those 20-odd years (Brekkie).

And all of a sudden, it feels like someone is dying. And I’m going to miss this place. I’d like to thank each and every one of you for your friendship and debate over the years. It’s been a blast.

Another odd reason for the anxiety is that as the clock ticks down to the last day: what will the last post be? Who will be the last poster? Who will be the last new member to join? Who will be the last person to be banned from the forum? And so on.....

Thanks once again to Asa and the team for giving us this playground in which to indulge our passion. I wish you all the best. And I’ll be one of the first to post over on the new TV Live Forum when it opens. It’ll be a new era and it’ll be fab too. Rob will make sure of that. (I taught him everything).

I’ll read the last weeks of this forum with delight and from afar and wish you all the best, folks.

And for one last time, three categories only. 3 ONLY!!!!

Overall Best Newscaster of this new Millennium 2000 to 2021:


Overall Best News Programme of this new Millennium 2000 to 2021:


Overall Best News Music of this new Millennium 2000 to 2021:


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TV Live Forum | TV Live

rob posted:
One suggestion...the TVLF Gallery needs to have a meaningful comment to allow a rating, doesn't need to be leaning positive or negative, or even constructive, just clear that the rater has viewed the mock.

Not sure how I'll be able to set that up, but on the new site I have set it so that all posts must consist of a minimum of 25 characters to encourage better conversation.