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Final post


Last Orders

Sadly, I've never had anything worth uploading but I am incredibly grateful to everyone who has been kind enough to do so.. If anyone asks for anything obscure, I will have a furtle around the basement. As the end is nigh, I am asking - with tongue firmly in cheek and jokingly - for clean copies of the following:
3-2-1; Blockbusters; Bob's Full House; Family Fortunes (1980); Bullseye.
I jest because I know they will never appear and it's always great to wish for something - especially as we see the curtains close on this wonderful show that is TV Forum. Good luck folks!!

I've got the Bullseye things; check your PM's Smile

Thank you - much appreciated!!

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ITV News

It is high time Tom Bradby was removed from News at Ten. He is a weak newscaster and has ruined the programme; however, those at ITN should shoulder the blame by allowing him and Rageh Omaar to present in this silly way. John Craven's Newsround of the 1970s was more professional and less patrionising and childish. The old ITN News at Ten was a respected news bulletin with gravitas, rounded off neatly with the "And finally..." bit for people to have a smile at before going off to bed with their cocoa. ITV News has good newscasters, such as Alastair Stewart and Mary Nightingale, able to report the news effectively without sensationalising.
It is also time Newsnight was consigned to the broadcasting history books - what a depressing hotch-potch of a programme.