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This site closed in March 2021 and is now a read-only archive
I don't have too much to say other than thank you for... the general existence of this forum. It's been a lot of fun on here living through the Oneness era in all its horror, saying my piece on mocks and putting out a couple bits and pieces of my own. I hope that continues over on TV Live Forum but I'm not gonna be forgetting this place anytime soon - I'll probably be back to look at the archived thread from Channel 4's 2015 rebrand for, y'know, memories and stuff.

For now I'll let my signature do the talking (or, should I say, singing)

Damn, I remember how sad that episode made me the first time I saw it!
Square Eyes Founding member
Me leaving TV Forum for the new forum.... Crying or Very sad

Goodbye and thanks to Asa for all your hard work maintaining this forum!
Ben Founding member
I've spent the last few days going over some of the really old topics on here and metropol. It brings back a lot of memories, who knew you could get sentimental over an Internet forum?

I imagine this might be my last post here. I'm not sure I have ever added much to the discussions but I have loved reading them and being a part of this community.

See you all elsewhere.
Cheers, Ben
Whataday Founding member
With the end drawing ever closer, I'm not sure I have anything more left to say, which I guess makes this my last post.

This place will always been embedded in my identity in some way, and I'll miss it very much.

Take care everyone, and see you around.

I said this yesterday, but this really is my last post (as I'm not sure when the Forum will shut tomorrow).

Thanks so much to everyone here - it's been brilliant. Hopefully we'll see many of you over at TVLF, but if not, as one President of the United States said (albeit a man not too popular on here), have a good life.

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BBC TV Centre
Suppose the credits are going to roll soon! Onto goodbyes, here's one from our man at the BBC, Greg Dyke.

Catch you all around.
DVB Cornwall
A Simple THANK YOU to all responsible for this forum over the past twenty years, from me.

All the very best going forwards.
Ok then, this is really it for me, I won't be posting after this and will be logging out (probably). Thanks for all the discussion, and to Asa and all the moderators for their work. I'll hopefully see you on TVL, but if not, all the best. I've enjoyed this, but for now, that's me out.
Be sure to leave your keys on the kitchen counter!

DJ Dave, iloveTV1 and GMc gave kudos
Be sure to leave your keys on the kitchen counter!

Hopefully we can get a bigger kitchen counter just in time before the site become archived so we can fit everyones keys.
OK Inspector Sands - you've 24 hours to catch up. Very Happy

Hwyl Fawr.

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