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Disney+ UK Launch Date Confirmed

(November 2019)

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Mateus Honrado
Jonwo posted:
I forgot that Disney had the international rights to Criminal Minds. I assume if the Paramount Plus revival goes ahead, it might end up on Star.

Not just international rights but they also co-produced it under ABC Studios (for the first two seasons, ABC Studios was called Touchstone Television).
Heck, the same can apply to Around the World in 80 Days (the Jackie Chan one) as it's a Disney film yet in the UK, it's on Netflix than on Disney+.

Wasn't it a Walden Media production?

Yep but it was distributed by Entertainment Film Distributors over here and seems like it was sold internationally to a number of distributors.

Looks like Disney only had US Domestic territories.

Looking at this article from 2003, looks like it had a lot of foreign pre-sales before Disney boarded the project -
A lot of the smaller studios like eOne and Studiocanal often sell the distribution rights to their films because they either don't have the resources to distribute to every country and also it helps recoup the production costs. The only disadvantage is that they don't get a share of the profits and this is what sunk New Line Cinema back in 2008 when The Golden Compass as it poorly in the US but decently overseas but because New Line sold the overseas distributors to local distributors, they didn't see a penny of that overseas money.

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