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You do realise the reason it’s massive, is because it’s virtual?
LOL @ the virtual Robin Cousins. Not even a platform then - just a black mat by the looks of it.

Looks good though, even if obviously fake, although the "massive studio" (and yes, I realise) for such a small event doesn't seem quite right, but it'll look the part for the Euros and Olympics I imagine.
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You can tell still from the presenters edges it looks fake, not sure if it needs some feathering or something, but its almost there!
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Some bits of Rugby News/Speculation

No matter what happens with the 6 Nations Rights, it looks like John Inverdale presented his last match on Friday night between France & Scotland.

This is his quote from the Sunday Times Article. Of course he may still be on BBC Tennis Coverage in future.
"And so why is he turning his back on large parts of his distinguished career? “Well, I got a call out of the blue asking if I wanted to sit on the RFU Council and represent the National Clubs Association [Inverdale already sits on the NCA, which administers the semi-professional arm of the game] and having spent 30 years saying that the RFU needs to sort itself out, I decided to think about it. I approached the BBC and they said that if I was a member of the governing body, I couldn’t do any England matches and in the background was the doubts as to whether the BBC would be involved in the future anyway.”"

Rugby Paper are also reporting Sky Sports have pulled out of the bidding for the Pro 16 with Premier likely to retain rights but a possibility of more matches on BBC/S4C. I assume given rights on TG4/S4C they mean BBC Alba.
Well they barely do any England matches anyway - Gabby did the Wales v England fixture this year. I think regardless of what happened it looked like they were priming Gabby to be the lead host should they retain the rights anyway. I'd guess Jason Mohammed may come in as the secondary host.

As for the Pro16 rights - I'm not sure half these broadcasting rumours are worth the paper they're written on. I think the fact Sky had some rights for a season or two a few years back and didn't push on for more suggested they didn't have much value for them.
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At the time it was suggested that eir were willing to pay more for the Irish rights alone than Sky were willing to pay for U.K. & Ireland rights. This then facilitated the entry of Premier Sports. Surprised if they (Premier) do end up retaining some rights but suspect if they do it will be on the basis of being a smaller player with others taking on a greater share of host broadcaster duties.
I suspect that the Pro 16 rights only had value for Sky if they got the 6 Nations. Given that they don't appear to have got those, then they won't have a need for other lesser rugby union rights.
A few blank screens and sound fades after the race on Channel 4.
Affected a few interviews and missed on completely.
No apology or caption from Channel 4, I assume they have gone home on a Sunday nights after 10pm.
Believe me there certainly were people on shift at Channel 4, I was on the phone to them while we were trying to work out what the issue was.
The complete programme is with them and I'm sure you will be able to catch the missing bits.
Why would you assume that there is nobody there?
Steve in Pudsey
Designed by Lightwell.

That sunken area for the presenter and guests reminds me a lot of Sky's portable set up that they used last season. Wonder if that's just the same designer's signature style or if there's a technical benefit to it?
Looks good though, even if obviously fake, although the "massive studio" (and yes, I realise) for such a small event doesn't seem quite right, but it'll look the part for the Euros and Olympics I imagine.

I guess the brief is to make these virtual sets as large and impressive as possible, but I do wonder if they'd look better scaled back a bit. I'd also expect the view out the windows to look brighter (just going by the reflections in the floor).

Will be interesting to see how it looks on screen as it's partly the ultra-wide angle view that makes the space look so large.

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