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Civilian cast revealed (December 2020)

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Baga Chipz, Charlotte Crosby, Denise van Outen, Duncan James, Lady Leshurr and Saffron Barker are all taking part in this celebrity special for Stand Up to Cancer. Kaye Adams and Nadia Sawalha, Rickie Haywood-Williams and Melvin Odoom & Sam Thompson and Pete Wicks will be playing in pairs controlling one person.

The air date is currently unknown.
Last edited by Josh on 13 March 2021 4:25pm
Not a great lineup. Too many reality stars.
Whataday Founding member
Seems a perfectly solid lineup to me.
It's about the level you'd expect. Love Denise Van Outen but she seems to have done every reality show in the last year.

I just don't think this will work as a celebrity show though - the format relies on anonymity.
Bear in mind, it’s already been recorded.

14 days later

Steve in Pudsey
On a related note, The Circle USA is being released on Netflix UK on Friday
Ratflump and DeMarkay gave kudos
What took them so long to get it on there? Rights issues?

21 days later

Still no start date then for the celeb version - seems odd to announce the cast so early.

Nearly finished the US version and I think it is the best yet. Benefits from being a British production without the usual editing traits that hamper US shows and they've managed to find a dozen or so really likeable Americans. Also surprising but refreshing for a US reality show to be much more about emotional connections than strategic gameplay.

It works as a pre-recorded format too and probably benefits from no outside influence. Only issue is there is no accountability for the twists - what keeps the US one seemingly honest is they play out in pretty much the same place as they did in the UK.
A minor point but I found the theme tune on the US version isn't quite as good as the UK version even though it is made by the same person!

The UK version has the absolutely awesome 'DU DU DA BOOM BOOM' EastEnders style cliffhanger sound straight into the bouncy credits tune (which sadly the Channel 4 continuity announcer usually spoilt!) and genuinely gave me goosebumps some episodes, especially the episodes where they met with another contestant after getting blocked, knock knock at the door...door opens...contestant 'OH MY GOD!' face...DU DU DA BOOM BOOM
Got to the end of the US version now and only fault really is the studio finale felt out of place and not in tone with the previous 11 and a half episodes - the final rankings could have been revealed in the final face to face meet up. That said the studio shows felt out of place on the UK show too and would work better as a side show rather than the main show.

Still no date for The Celeb Circle - looks like it is just 6 episodes so possible it'll run weekly rather than nightly.
PATV Scunthorpe
The fan accounts I follow are suggesting it could possibly start around Sunday 21st February, though that's based off whether they don't want it to clash with Celeb's Go Dating.

They'll definitely go daily, running each night, then onto Series 3 within the days after the final.
21st February would make sense because they can have one of the final episodes have a Gogglebox lead in as that will likely return on the 26th February.

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