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BBC News: Presenters, correspondent & rotas

My cable provider turned off my "free for the pandemic" BBC World access a month ago or so but I'm watching tonight on PBS... Maryam Moshiri with overnights this weekend. New face for PBS viewers?

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BBC News nostalgia, including BBC World

That's right - I'd forgotten that the London/Washington broadcast wasn't a continuous thing. Just had a look back at my various recordings from 2003/2004 and it's a mixture of Mishal Husain or Adrian Finighan in London during the evenings. Mishal was still in Washington in February 2003 but had returned to London by December. My last recordings date from October 2004 and it's still the London-based evenings. After that I kind of started losing interest in BBC World as its presentation was changing for the worst - all that 'streaming' malarkey, dropping various stings, lack of closing on bulletins etc. and the inferior plasticky red and white set was the last straw! So, I can only assume the Washington/London newscast started up again some time between late 2004 and 2007 when World News America launched.

I don't want to dig too far through the archives here but ...

Here's a post from August 2003 noting that Mishal had moved permanently back to London:

Here is a post from August 2004 ... the co-presentation had just started up again and then shut down for summer holidays.

I was 'kman340' in the quoted post. Katty Kay and Mike Embley Mon-Thurs; Tanya Beckett & Zeinab Badawi Fridays. Zeinab literally worked the first Friday, and then was off to bigger and better things. It was often Alistair Yates working with Tanya (he was also the main fill in for Mike Embley).

So... it was probably a little less than a year that the broadcast came from London with a solo anchor, before the co-presentation restarted. Mishal did it for the first few months, but eventually moved on. I recall quite a bit of Mike Embley, Zeinab Badawi, Lucy Hockings, and Anita McNaught in the interim.

Edit - Here's the archival post announcing the return of the Washington/London co-presentation. It started 6/28/04... so about a ten month gap without a broadcast coming from Washington.
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