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'BBC local radio' style regional news

BBC regional news in the style of the new local radio branding (March 2021)

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I've been playing around with After Effects and wondered what the regional BBC News bulletins would look like in the style of the new branding for BBC local radio.

The new branding for stations in England features purple logos and a topographic map design. I've taken my inspiration from this and used animated topography lines for the titles.

So first, here's how I imagine BBC Spotlight would look in local radio style ...

I've also designed some titles for an imaginary "BBC Cornwall Update" which would be a short bulletin for iPlayer and devices like Amazon Echo. My thinking is that it would be a video version of the radio news bulletins that the local stations upload to smart-speakers. I've used the 2020 news jingle instead of the David Lowe style music.

And here's an imaginary "BBC Birmingham Update" in the same style ...

I'm not quite happy with the typography. It would be nice to tailor it to each area, but that's beyond my skills. Plus, the flat geography of counties like Norfolk wouldn't lend itself to the design!

Hope you like them.
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Anglialad, paul_hadley and Alfie Mulcahy gave kudos
Love this.

Great job so far.
Alfie Mulcahy
Not too sure about the Local News rebrand.

But the Update concept and graphics look superb. They'd definitely look good on devices such as the Nest Hub or Echo Show.

Great Job.
I quite like the concept – often it feels to me that it would make more sense to align the regional shows (which are more magazine than news a lot of the time) with the radio stations. It might do a good job of strengthening the stations' image. Not saying it's definitely a good idea, but certainly worth exploring.
Definitely reminds me of 2W News and Sport.
Definitely reminds me of 2W News and Sport.

That may have been an influence! If it was a real project I would take the time to tailor the maps to each region, like the 2W map of Wales.
Obviously happens in Scotland but wouldn't be a bad idea at all for the regional news to take a different colour to the national look to have a bit more of their own identity.
i love the idea of mixing the local radio with tv

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