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Once again... Good Morning Britain

Warning: Recreations upon opening. (October 2017)

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PATV Scunthorpe
Do you use Movie Studio or do you use movie studio platinum

Movie Studio.

67 days later

PATV Scunthorpe
Little update... been working on this video for the past couple of weeks, it's a revision of an idea I originally made last year, but left, which is a (rather imaginary) U.K. version of the Summer Concert Series on GMA.

I restarted it as I thought it would be a good way to incorporate the 'new' graphics and include some of the other graphics I didn't include last time. All the existing graphics are the TLS ones, with anything created since then being mostly from TVC.

Edit: Ah, full video got blocked, but here’s the TOTH, that at least shows off my attempt at new opening, the ‘shakiness’ of the GMB logo has since been fixed.

Edit 2: At the point where I’ve replace the video, ITV hasn’t blocked it again. I forgot to mention some minor errors, mainly with the tag placement on straps, on some of the newer graphics it’s one pixel to high.
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You'll have to try again. Its been blocked
PATV Scunthorpe
You'll have to try again. Its been blocked

Ah, I previously rendered the TOTH, before I made improvements so that’s there for now.
I quite like it. Perhaps for the TOTH sequence, instead of having the vocals playing, perhaps switch it to instrumentals while the VoG* says the date/Live from ITV etc. and then keep it playing in the background quietly.**

*Voice of God - the voiceover bit
**I experimented and the chorus seemed to work really well.
Play muted and playing, it works really well if I'm honest.
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PATV Scunthorpe
Uploaded it again under a different name, without any reference to GMB, so should be fine for now. Some bits I forgot to mention in that post (I’ve added them now), some of the newer straps aren’t perfect, with the tags being one pixel too high (something which I thought I fixed).

8 days later

How did you recreate the logo for the intro/date section?

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