What happened to the show Totally Viral?

It used to air on UKTV G2 and on Dave. (January 2016)

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Now the only footage I could find of Totally Viral is when Charlie Brooker made fun of it in his 2006 review. What happened to those episodes? They seem like a relic in the past that deserves to stay there! I know you people on TV Forum don't care about internet memes but I swear, this might be one of those rare UKTV shows that can't be found what-so-ever.
Larry the Loafer
IIRC most of it was Weebl Stuff content that's readily available on his Youtube account. He was responsible for the show's titles/graphics etc too.
Neil Jones Founding member
20 episodes apparently, 10 originally for UKTV G2 and another 10 when it rebranded to Dave.

As to what happened to it, RudeTube may have something to do with it, piggy-backing on the trend and being more successful at it to boot.

Spun Gold made it, may be worth getting in touch:
Larry the Loafer
Returning series

I have contacted the company who made Totally Viral (Spun Gold) and see if they have any episodes. They probably don't since that's a show really old now nobody would understand what happened on the internet back then and decided to keep Totally Viral into obscurity.
bilky asko
you people

The cheek of it!

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