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Taskmaster Series 6, 7, 8, and 9

Taskmaster commissioned for 4 more 10-episode series. (February 2018)

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What put me off The Mash Report was that I'm a big fan of the website it was based on. Watching actors and comedians essentially recite articles on television spoiled it, and the strange combination of "here's some proper news that we'll take the piss out of, but now here's a bit about some silly news" made me feel like the show had no idea what it wanted to be - was it trying to be The Daily Show or was it trying to be The Day Today?

If it's shaken that off since the first series, then good. But I can't really be bothered to sit through an episode to find out.

I find those parts utterly unbearable and they’re still doing it in the second series which is a shame because the rest of it is pretty good.

As for Dave watch out for new show Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier later this year which has just finished filming, it’s very good and should end up being another Dave returrner.
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I think The Mash Report has been a massive springboard for Rachel Parris. Not sure if she’s done Mock The Week or Cats Does Countdown but I’m sure she soon will if not.
The second run of The Mash Report seems to have been much more successful in terms of getting noticed - not sure if that is reflected in the ratings. Good to have someting that isn't a panel show churned out by the BBC though.

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