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Who will win: Ricky Whittle or Chris Hollins (August 2009)

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I think its hilarious people don't think Alesha has the right to judge yet want her replacing with Darcey. At least Alesha has been involved in the show and has small experience in ballroom, better than having none at all like ballerina Darcey. Its like Cheryl Cole becoming a judge on an opera show, ballroom and ballet are worlds apart.

Ballroom & Ballet are not worlds apart. Alot of professional ballroom dancers started as Ballet dancers actually. Anton Du Beke for one. Ballet teaches you core strength and good use of arm placement. These things help with ballroom dancing and technically gives you a good grounding.

Whilst what you're saying is true, we're discussing Darcey who hasn't made the leap into ballroom so has no experience. Until you've made the change, they are still two very different styles. Therefore imo she has less credentials than Alesha to judge. Still, at least she isn't Emma Bunton, soon to be judging Dancing on Ice.

I understand Darcey was being spoken about,I was replying to the fact that you put Ballroom and Ballet so far apart. Actually I think Alesha has far less experience to judge. She by her own admission on Strictly as a contestant said she had no dance experience. Learning a few steps of each of the Ballroom & Latin dances does not make you a judge. Darcey has spent her life invovled with dance. If you are saying she is not qualified to judge as she dances Ballet not Ballroom then you could say Bruno and Craig also don't have the ability. The fact is only Len is a Ballroom & Latin dancer and still judges real Ballroom & Latin comps.
Tumble Tower
Last night's Strictly Come Dancing began with the celebrity couples doing the cha cha cha. Why? That was unnecessary padding I say. Surely it would have been better to have just introduced the couples and let them get on with the dances. Also why the bit of chat between dances in the Latin round? They didn't really need that, did they?

As for the results show being separate, I suppose that was so viewers could have longer than the usual 15 minutes to vote. Anyway, I think the lines closed at 9pm, whereas the results show started at 9:40pm. Why then did they have the recap of earlier, and the other three performances before announcing the results. Surely the results were finalised by the time the results show began at 9:40pm. Therefore they could have announced who was through at the start, then had the dance-off and finally judges' votes. The results show could then have been about 15 minutes, not 30. How the BBC like to drag the show out.

Finally Laila is out at last. She did well to make it to the quarter final, I think she ought to have left a few weeks earlier, and that Zoe Lucker should have stayed in a few more weeks than she did.

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