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Bid and Price Drop are off air (April 2014)

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A former member
So BBC Alba is off to Channel 23?
So BBC Alba is off to Channel 23?


Local TV stations in Scotland and Wales, such as STV Glasgow (launching 2nd June), will be promoted to channel 23.
DVB Cornwall
Digital UK seem to have released Bid's previous Freeview channel 23 to the Local Services outside of England today. ITV4+1 having moved up the EPG occupying previously allocated EPG slot (26).

9 days later

I notice that the Bid feed has now finally gone from satellite. Up until yesterday both channels were broadcasting colour bars. Now Bid has gone completely but the Price Drop feed is still there but not broadcasting any video or audio.

On another note, 0800 001 4250 still works. I wonder who is paying the electricity/phone bill.
Careful, or we'll get a a test card rota thread next!
Shane Forster
The company simply wouldn't have survived this "crisis". I have said this many, many, times, but R.I.P Bid Shopping.

23 days later

Does anyone have any updates on Bid Shopping?

Has anyone bought the company? Has anyone bought the brand names? What has happened to the studios?

Does anyone know the real reason why they went bust? I thought the CVA was past through? Did the £6 million investment never happpen?
TV Dan
Getronics who managed the companies IT network including call centre infrastructure initially agreed to the CVA but then demanded several million pounds, Sit-Up.TV called their bluff and pulled the plug.

15 days later

Neil Jones Founding member
I'm clearly bored tonight as this post will demonstrate.

If anybody's interested, the web address may be up for grabs soon, as it's due to expire in August.
The company website, has now expired (and is displaying a message to that effect), as of June 26th. May also be up for grabs soon. and the old are both registered until February 2015, and is registered to June 2015.

In another clear sign that I'm bored, the 0800 001 4250 number is still working. Just says all products are sold, call earlier, go to the website, we wish you a good day. Must be being provided under a contract that's paid up to a certain date. Do the old 0904 numbers still work?
I would suggest it is not worth £1.53 to find out, let alone £1.53 x 60(?)
bilky asko
I would suggest it is not worth £1.53 to find out, let alone £1.53 x 60(?)

Where did you get the 60 figure from?
Interesting that Ideal World have been trialling a Price Drop type format. Not sure that it works without a quantity left figure though.
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