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Cox cops it (October 2003)

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Davidjb Founding member
Yep i think its about time Coxy was removed from Breakfast. After all she is off more than she is ever there. Chris Moyles though, Can he handle early mornings? I to thought Colin & Edith would get Breakfast when Sara left it.
thegeek Founding member
Moyles & co used to do Early Breakfast - which, some say, was their best work.

I've never been a fan of Radio 1breakfast. Coxy, in particular, is just far too unintelligible for my level of awakeness at this time in the morning. But, I'm prepared to give her a shot on afternoons - who knows, I might even be able to comprehend what she's saying.

Incidentally, the switch is apparently happening in January. Whether or not Moyles on brekkie can beat Christian O'Connell on XFM is another matter, though.
I'd say Moyles is fairly likely to beat o'Connell. Firstly because O'Connell is rubbish, but more importantly because Xfm is a regional station and has a tiny number of listeners compared to R1.

Anyway, I'm very pleased with this move - Moyles really deserves this promotion and I'm glad he's finally got it. As someone said above, the early morning breakfast show he did (pre-Mills) was brilliant, and hopefully he can recapture some of that early-morning genius along with the improvements he's made over the years in the afternoons. Overall, a good decision, although personally I would have got rid of Cox altogether.

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