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Is News 24 a waste of license payers money?

(August 2003)

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cwathen Founding member
Pages From BBCi instead - that way there'd be pictures. After all, they'll have to change it sooner or later, because Ceefax will probably close within five years! (when analogue is switched off)

Analogue Terrestrial will end when very few people still watch it. That will not be within 5 years, it will not even be within 10 years. UHF transmission started in 1964, and it took until 1985 for the final VHF transmitters to be switched off - and that involved making less people replace a lot less equipment. When digital versions of some devices (such as handheld TVs) are not even on the market yet. it just puts analogue's end even further into the distance.

And as for Ceefax, it will end when too few people use it to justify it's continuation. That may well be sometime within the next 10 years (depending on how digital takeup goes - dsat has virtually reached saturation, as has dcab on the new subscribers front, only dtt still has any significant room for growth left in it) but certainly not within the next 5.

BBCi text as it stands significantly weaker than Ceefax on the content front (and on the technical side they still have issues to sort out - like what to do with programme backup pages on a system which provides no direct access to anything) - and that's because not enough people use it to justify any more investment in it than it allready has.

Assuming that they do replace Pages from Ceefax with Pages from BBCi Text (and it's by no means a given that they will), I wouldn't expect it to happen until you see a sudden explosion in the content on BBCi, and a decline in the content of Ceefax.

It's *possible* that it might happen within 5 years, but I personally think it's a bit optimistic.

When broadcast as a TV programme rather than interactively, it would be no slowr than rolling video. Don't forget it would be run from the server, and likely be a loop of the webpages.

'When broadcast as a TV programme rather than interactively', eh Wink

Who says they are going to run pages directly from the server, and by 'likely be a loop of the webpages' do you mean that you are now inferring that they are going to show the BBCi website rather than BBCi text?

The alternative would seem to be the return of the old testcard.

Says who? They may actually decide to put programmes on. Or what I think may happen, is that BBC1 might get a nighttime schedule (these days they frequently go on until nearly 4AM, it does look like they are heading towards making BBC1 24 hour), and News 24 could then be used as a filler on BBC2.
Lee M
I wouldn't say News 24 is a waste of licence payers money. Recently it has improved a lot in terms of breaking news. Take today for example, the death of a British solider in Iraq. News 24 first mentioned the story around 16.30. It took Sky News around 15 minutes longer to mention the story, with ITV NC also taking a simular amount of time, even then, News 24 and ITV NC gave the story more prominence than Sky did.

Perhaps Sky should drop their Sky News First tagline, it doesnt seem to apply anymore. Often News 24 or ITV NC break news before Sky does nowadays.
fusionlad Founding member
Bear in mind that Sky will broadcast some Breaking News, then move on, then come back to it with the same strap, making it seem they've been slow to cover it.
I would much rather watch some sensible presenters in widescreen without a break every 15 minutes for adverts than watch some cheesy presenter in 4:3 breaking every 15 minutes to have an advert break!
So much for '24 hours' on Sky News and ITV News Channel!
News 24 is superior in the fact that it is a real 24 hour news channel.

But News 24 is distinctly less newsy between 6am and 9am, and the overnight service shared with BBC World is good in its own way, but it is not able to cover a consistent range of stories with the daytime N24 service.

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