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(February 2016)

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This may be a dumb question, but is there still an ITV NPU - Network Promotions Unit - that creates the trailers for STV and UTV alongside ITV's? Or does ITV send the generic template to them for them to add their own graphics?
That would be ITV Creative now. I'm guessing for clean promos, they'll just send them a MXF (broadcast quality file video format) with a VO-less mix minus (sound effects, dialogue and music) so they can add their own endboards and voiceover. Thats how we would do it at work.
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To my knowledge ITV just send the generic promo to STV so there can do there own VO and logo.

Here is the SNT promo;

On top of that STV does make its own promos for a number of ITV shows and also make its own channel promos.

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