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Dancing on Ice 2021

(September 2020)

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A virtual audience was fine for The Graham Norton Show and The Jonathan Ross Show, I wonder how it would look and feel if they did use a virtual audience?

Yes, the audience will not see anything exclusive, as all of it is live, unlike Strictly, which always recorded their results show.

Both Graham Norton and Jonathan Ross are prerecorded which is very different to a live show. You can edit that pretty easily which it is harder to do live.
Looks like they're going down the canned audience route. It will be fun when someone falls on their face à la Gemma Collins and they're playing a cheering noise...
Talk of the devil, it just happened!
Why are the music beds so awfully sped up?
I’ve noticed that. bit weird
Meridian AM
The canned audience is too over the top - too loud and becomes annoying. They need to turn it down a bit!
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Why are the music beds so awfully sped up?

Just came here myself to mention it, sounds awful. At first I thought it was a mistake but it hasn't been sorted so clearly intentional.
I'd forgotten how padded Dancing on Ice is.
Juicy Joe Founding member
It's not the same as the original series from 2006-2010. This I think is the 4th new series since it returned and a lot of the suggestions that were made since this new iteration, haven't been implemented. Yes, they made the rink v slightly larger and got rid of the backstage rink and changed the commentator. Other than that, it's nothing like it used to be. These 1st 2 weeks seem incredibly slow and the speeded up beds sound awful and doesn't tally with the pace of the rest of the show. Torville and Dean appearing to be cool and down with the kids doesn't help either. Robin Cousins & Jason Gardiner need to return, the judging panel are all too nice & all give the same high scores & opinions.
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Having watched this edition now so far, I am sorry, but Strictly Come Dancing produced a far better first edition than Dancing on Ice. It just does not feel right. The opening of the show was flat as a pancake.
Oh the golden ticket... 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ why do ITV Insist in making these shows so gimmicky. It makes the whole show a joke. Why can’t we just have a credible skating show that focuses on the sport and skating technique!
Was there any reason whatsoever for the golden ticket to be physically handed over? Made it look totally ridiculous and not at all in the ‘spirit’ of COVID restrictions.
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