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BBC1 Harry Potter Christmas Day Movie

(October 2003)

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I was just wonderning what everyone thought of bbc1 showing a big movie premiere this christmas day, is it a waste of our money? or totally worth it? And does anyone know what the other rival channels have on offer?
Katherine Founding member
Just heard this news, and I am very pleased indeed it's the BBC that are showing it - means I can enjoy the film without advert breaks. I can see the film being very popular with all ages so there's no chance of it being a waste of money. Definitely worth it in my opinion. Excuse me, just going to practice a few Charms..... Wingardium Leviosa!!
There was talk of the BBC having run into rights troubvle with this and other major films because of its recent change to Free-to-Air transmission on DSAT. The film companies were concerned that too many people in Europe would have access to the films. The BBC hold that the new satellite that BBC channels come from has a tighter footiprint accross the UK and Ireland only and that in much of mainland Europe the channels are unreceiveable. Don't think that's absolutely true - people just need need a bigger dish the further south they are.

Anyway - it's good news that a big film has found its place on Christmas day.
Forget Harry Potter. There are rumors of a xmas episode of Fawlty Towers (I mean a brand new one). They have allegedly paid John Cleese 2million to write it. Don't quite believe it myself tho.

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