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BBC Scotland - the launch

Split from BBC Scotland channel - service to also launch in HD (February 2019)

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Still Game waning now. New series of Scot Squad down slightly on last. Probably doesn't help that it's on all year round.

Paramedics on Scene doing very well so will likely get another run.

The Years That Changed Modern Scotland (jeez, what a mouthful) started good but was nowhere the following week. Is an OK series if you haven't seen any of the dozen other programmes about growing up in Scotland, new towns etc.
How do they rate compared to how such shows rated on BBC1/2 Scotland?
How do they rate compared to how such shows rated on BBC1/2 Scotland?

Regional ratings are difficult to find but knowing that River City and Reporting Scotland both get around 400k I reckon anything that managed 100k or lower (the norm for BBC Scotland) in primetime slots on the main channels would be deemed poor.
Debate Night is moved back to its previous spot of 10.30pm from Wed 10th Feb.

The second series of sitcom City Lights from 1987 airs 7.30pm Monday the same week.

12 days later

Edit: wrong info.
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Steve Williams

It's not a second series, it's the first network screening of the first.
Running Late

It's not a second series, it's the first network screening of the first.

BBC Two seems to get a lot of content from the Nations these days, even before Covid, I guess it's just cutbacks.
Substantial representation from outwith England should be the norm really.
BBC Scotland experiencing some technical issues this evening with Seven Days failing to play out as scheduled.

Currently a banner on screen stuck over a BBC Bitesize advert apologising for the loss of pictures and saying they are working to correct the fault.

Then cut to a frozen iPlayer advert, banner reappears after before cutting to the CA over an ident, seemingly unaware of what is coming up - apologising that Seven Days won't air, "something tasty" though before a long pause and a Nick Nairn repeat.
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The technical problems meant that BBC Scotland closed down for the night 5 minutes later than planned.
Probably no one else was watching to notice. Very Happy
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Don't have the following junction from when they got going again as the whole thing went on a little too long for the recording last night. But the bulk of the 'action' is here for anyone interested, just... try to remain calm from the sheer excitement. Seems all the frozen screens were stills from trailers that had aired in the junction immediately preceding the fault.

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