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(May 2011)

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These graphics lean heavily in the look developed for NBC News NOW.
I like how many posts are now being simulcast on two forums.
Yeah the last set was tweaked a couple of times and became a little disjointed (when the DOG lost its background, but the strap style was retained, everything looked a little off).

The new set is clearly more in with the brand that NBC News uses at and the NBC News NOW streaming service - now making Network news and Today the outliers.

I actually like that the channel has brought back the program(me) DOGs. The transitions look a little 'sports channel' to me.

The new lower thirds are more of an evolution than a revolution. Given that the last set were also, I wonder if it might have been time to be a bit more radical.

Notice too that the backgrounds on the full screen graphics and multi-way boxes are now ancient and have survived many graphics refreshes. (or at least the one on Morning Joe - will see what the ones on Maddow are like later!)

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