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Justin Leigh to leave the BBC (January 2009)

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Richard M
Goodbye Westcountry Television, I'm going to miss it, it was a great station.
I wonder what will become of all the presenters.
DVB Cornwall
Very poignant and sad ending, I wonder if it'll be mentioned on Spotlight.

edit ....

It will shortly.
Dave Founding member
BBC One next Wednesday at 7.30 a look back at at television in the West Country.
James Vertigan Founding member
It was a really emotional ending. And as Spotlight mentioned, Westcountry won so many awards for its coverage of events like Boscastle... what a waste of good awards.

I will give the new West Country Tonight a chance, but as has been said many times, there is no way that they will ever top Westcountry for coverage of local big news stories... stil, at least we have Spotlight, but then Spotlight doesn't have the sub-opts with news from right on your doorstep, so that is one thing that I will definitely miss.

It is also sad to think that with the studios closing, this will mean that Westcountry will not have a presence at events like the Devon County Show (although the BBC do cover this as well).

I am wondering what Richard, Alexis and the team being made redundant will move on to now... I know Richard used to present on ITN, so hopefully he can move back to something like that, but I hope for all their sakes that nobody gets relegated to presenting on these low budget satellite channels.
Richard M
What is going to happen to their studio in Plymouth? I still feel sad now, it was a very sad end. I have lots of memories of watching Westcountry when I was young.
James Vertigan Founding member
Richard M posted:
What is going to happen to their studio in Plymouth? I still feel sad now, it was a very sad end. I have lots of memories of watching Westcountry when I was young.


The Langage studio, which is rented from Plymouth City Council, will be vacated by April.

But ITV will retain a team of journalists, camera crew and editors in Plymouth, based at independent production firm Twofour's base in Estover.

Meanwhile, the future of the Langage building is unknown, with a city council spokeswoman saying: "We will not be in a position to start marketing the building until it is actually empty."

From Plymouth Herald
Just watched the final on ITV Local, a very sad ending to a tv pprogram that has brought the westcountry together.
Farewell Westcountry.

A nice package at the end of the programme, some old faces and a few classic clips (including Linda Ward's famous on-air proposal). Lovely to see some of the behind-the-camera staff too. It's a crying shame to see so many talented, skilled and professional people lose their jobs, and an equal shame to see us losing a valued service.

I'm sorry, but I won't be watching the new show. I've watched the ITV regional news over the years because it was local... I've never even been to Bristol.
Has Jed Pitman left ITV west? The bloke presenting tonight with Liza said he would be doing the sport from now on???
Th Westcountry Live Lookback can be seen here ITV Westcountry
Moving to watch, presenters are clearly devastated.

Farewell Westcountry, the plucky ITV station that just didn't know when it was beaten.
Still not the same as TSW. But thats for another day.

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