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(October 2019)

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In fact, when I first saw the logo in this thread, I assumed it was all a TVF joke.

That is the reaction I expected some people to have when I first posted about it.

We'll soon see how it goes. I suppose it covers themselves if something major happens elsewhere in the world on 31st October/1st November.
CONFIRMED: Sky News: Brexit Free launches tomorrow, Mon-Fri, 5-10pm. (Confirmed by SJM just now)
The opening to The SJM Show is a vast improvement from previous. Nicer camera angles and better lighting

Absolutely agree, small changes, huge difference. It is definitely a welcomed change this blue lighting!
Sky News Brexit Free pop up channel to launch at 5pm tomorrow.
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Aren't they several months, if not years, too late with people wanting this?!

Also, the hours (5pm to 10pm) seem to be those that most people are watching something else anyway?
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Interesting. That's how they avoid the clash with Box Office - only broadcast on weekdays while Box Office events are typically Saturday!
I know it is just a marketing gimmick to get people talking about Sky News (see, we are all talking about it).

But it's also a stupid gimmick.

Would they have launched 'Troubles Free' in the 80s, for people fed up of hearing about Northern Ireland?

Or 'Fallujah Free' in the 00's for viewers bored of Iraq?

Their challenge should be to make it interesting and accessible to all, not just to switch it off. Actually I think they do better than most other broadcasters on that and it's an insult to their journalists who are covering it.

Brexit it is a really serious issue and this feeds into the idea that it's sort of ok to not pay attention or understand it. That is partly why we are in the mess we're in.

And the timing couldn't be worse. They launch a Brexit free channel just as it's potentially reaching a deal stage.

It's not responsible journalism to say: we know you're bored of it and it's hard to understand. We feel the same so we're not going to bother covering it.

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I’d prefer Sky News Sports-Free to be honest.
richard h
I must admit when I first saw this brexit free logo I thought it was a joke from someone bored of Brexit. Any ideas of who will be presenting the I assume single 5 hour slot each day?
So the light boxes outside the glass box which were violet during the SJM show have now changed back to the original red. I guess someone from the staff has to change the colour cover sometime around 5 o clock then ? Because it looks as they cannot change colour by them selves ?

Does feel like they're somewhat late with this. Also be better as a show on the channel rather than an alternative stream, but suspect really it's a trial 1about using the downtime of Sky Sports Box Office.
Any ideas of who will be presenting the I assume single 5 hour slot each day?

Semi-regular overnight face Barry Weir looks to be one of the hosts:

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