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Cyber attack on Channel 9 Australia

Sydney news room out of action, live shows off air (March 2021)

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As mentioned in the International thread Channel 9 failed to get Weekend Today on air on Sunday morning, due to "technical difficulties" rumoured to be a cyber attack. Three hours of live Sydney based sports programming also had to be pulled.

Nine later confirmed a ransomware attack had occurred, with the Sydney news replaced by bulletins from Melbourne. Sydney based producers have now been relocated to Sydney for the week, with all other staff working from home, although breakfast show Today is expected to air from Sydney tomorrow.
Russia getting blamed as they usually do, with Nine due to run an expose on Putin tomorrow.

Melbourne is said to only be operational due to the fact it hasn't gone fully automated like other studios in the Nine network have.
DE88 and Roger Darthwell gave kudos
9News's own report on events:

To make matters worse, Peter Hitchener in Melbourne was pulled off air mid-bulletin tonight after suffering a Migrane attack, looked to be something much more sinister watching it live, and was distressing viewing. Thankfully he seems to be OK, Twitter has been going nuts.

No doubt it's been a fairly stressful day for those at Nine with what's going on, and with the Intelligence services also involved....

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