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ITN Presenter Shake-Up (June 2015)

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Confirmed now by ITV News:
Full Press Release:
Selwyn Froggatt
Massive mistake!
New line up:

News at Ten: Tom Bradby (relief: Julie Etchingham, Rageh Omaar)

News at 6:30: Mark Austin & Mary Nightingale (relief: Alastair Stewart, Ranvir Singh, Charlene White)

News at 1:30: Alastair Stewart or Nina Hossain (relief: Ranvir Singh, Charlene White)

Evening Weekend: Ranvir Singh, Charlene White (relief: Rageh Omaar)
newsman1 and Brekkie gave kudos
Wow. Bizarre decision.
London Lite Founding member
Does evening weekend include Saturday or are we going to keep the wheel of regional presenters and Steve Scott?

As for Rageh being cover, great reporter but he's not presenter material.
Wow! Not quite sure what to say...Tom is a great reporter, but I find him a bit pompous when presenting.
Rageh is a terrible presenter (and I mean, terrible!).
Mark & Julie have a great partnership on NaT, so it will be a shame to see them effectively split up.
To me, it looks like a demotion for Mark, Julie and Alastair!
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Bonkers. Just bonkers. Confused
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The title of that press release says it all: "ITV News announces changes to award-winning presenter line-up"

If its already award winning, it ain't broke so don't fix it.

Can't understand why Rageh Omaar is a relief presenter - as has been said, a great journalist but not a good presenter.

Julie and Alastair really have been totally demoted and not for a good enough reason.

Unlike many, I don't have a problem with Bradby's presenting but unless there are details we don't know, I don't think he's worth demoting outstanding newsreaders for. He is an excellent political editor.

Edit: I don't think Austin moving to the 6:30 is a bad thing - he has done good things for NaT and if the evening bulletin becomes more like the Ten is now, that is a good thing. Julie expanding her role across ITV News is also a good thing.
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TV Matters
Surprise Nina will no longer relief any bulletins, they seem to have cut her back from nationals a lot. Glad Mark and Mary will be back
Surprise Nina will no longer relief any bulletins, they seem to have cut her back from nationals a lot. Glad Mark and Mary will be back

I've always rated Nina highly, so to see Charlene and Ranvir being given a somewhat higher status is a bit disappointing.
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Selwyn Froggatt
Tom will flop, just as he did on Election Night.

Shame on ITV for demoting Alastair, their longest serving newscaster.

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