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A General Query (November 2020)

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It’s all a long time ago Harshy, but it would appear we used to make the Aston menu look like the ABF one which was in columns. But I’m also vaguely of the opinion we used to centre justify it all. Maybe it changed at some point.
harshy Founding member
I can’t remember to be honest it was so long ago now, as you say deejay it rarely broke down so we would only see it very rarely, I remember it centre aligned as I do remember all the bbc channels/UKTV/BBC Prime channels including the logo was centre aligned as it was all consistent back in those days, hence I was surprised when I saw your image of a different layout to the coming up menu.

I do remember the weather having occasionally having some funny tracking bits at the bottom I think once I saw the picture roll up the screen at the beginning of the weather forecast 😁
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The weather tapes were used over and over again ISTR

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