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(September 2015)

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Gareth E
Were there any disruptions to broadcasts this morning? Newsline looks ready to go as normal this lunchtime.

The device was dropped just opposite Broadcasting House, beside the OB commentary position used for the procession coverage.

According to social media reports, parts of Broadcasting House were evacuated but the newsroom was unaffected. Think it was mainly offices that were evacuated rather than any parts of the building directly involved in transmission.

Don't think Radio Ulster was affected - the Nolan Show was ongoing at the time and one of its producers tweeted this video from inside the building:

The security alert ended at around 10am - I'm sure the effects would have been much more noticeable had it continued beyond 11am when the live TV broadcast started.

Though it would be interesting to know if BBC One NI took network continuity for the 9.15am and 10.00am junctions.

Just another attention seeking stunt, thankfully. Of which there have been far too many recently.
peterrocket Founding member
It was all clear just before 9am

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