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(January 2021)

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Considering we're now at the point where every time you put on you news you feel you're faced with stories which are as good as making us think the new variants are going to render vaccines useless and the pandemic will never end, it feels we're better off just switching it off for the next few weeks. Occasionally they'll have an interview with a scientist who'll tell us it's not as worrying as the media scare stories make out, but it feels like the fearmongering's taking over right now.

I guess they have to fill the news with something now Trump's gone...
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Like many of you I've also pretty much given up on news bulletins by and large. I can't remember the last time I sat down and watched a UK network bulletin. It's all just too depressing and panic-inducing. The only news I have been watching in recent weeks has been CNN because the whole Trump circus has been interesting. I think I could tolerate that because it doesn't directly affect me. But the UK news has either been about coronavirus or Brexit for years now. It feels like it's just been one long misery-fest for the better part of 5 years. Instead, I find myself whiling away time on YouTube or TV Ark enjoying news bulletins of yesteryear - both for the better presentation and news content!
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For all Trumps faults he provides a distraction. Should be the epilogue to enjoy next week.
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