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History in motion (March 2019)

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A few years back I mocked a set of regional ITV idents, replacing the original station logo with the 2013 ITV logo. Bit bored (there's nothing on the telly!) so I thought I'd reimagine it in the style of an 'ITV Creates' type thing. No sticky-backed plastic, leaves or ping pong balls were harmed in the making of this project.
Neil Jones Founding member
Wow! I love it!

Great job!
Whataday Founding member
Fantastic. Worth submitting to ITV Creative, surely!
Last edited by Whataday on 21 March 2019 10:43am
Lovely as always from you pip2
Oooh, I like this.
Modern and nostalgic too!
Fantastic work!
I say this is worthy of ITV adopting something like this full time, it's a very dynamic ident which could be branded to specific programmes if necessary. 5 Stars!
We don't deserve pip2. Brilliant.
rob Founding member
Simply outstanding.
This is worth sending to itv themselves. Brilliant effort and should be part of itv creates
Absolutely wonderful.
I'm a bit surprised at the number of positive responses that this has received, but perhaps that because I am not quite understanding what your project is about.

From what I am understanding, you're creating a set of idents for ITV to either replace the current set (ITV Creates) or to try and recreate them? Please do correct me if I am wrong.

I have to ask myself, "could I see this on television?" and the answer, in this case, would be "no". It looks to me more as if the type of thing you have created may have been an example played to ITV to sell them the concept of ITV creases, rather than as a finished product, a bit like a moving mood board.

There is no doubt that it looks pretty challenging to have created what you have and I know that I wouldn't even know where to start if I was trying to recreate it but while it is tough, from my point of view reminds me of a more advanced (moving) version of something created in Google Sketchup.

I may be completely missing what you are aiming for with this design and therefore viewing it from the wrong perspective but I don't really think this is good enough to be shown on television or as good as the ITV Creates idents we have to date and so can therefore only give it a 3/5 at best.

As I said, please do correct me if I am missing what you are aiming for with this project Very Happy
Thank you for taking a look, your ratings, kudos and lovely comments. Very Happy

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