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Here's a fairly simple idea.

S4C. Sianel Pedwar Cymru. It means "Channel Four Wales".

Why not come full circle?


How will you deal with Stwnsh and Cyw ( the two kids blocks on S4C)
J. Lyric
I'll commit and try to extend.


I know, I used the old idents.

The main idea, as I hope you can see, is just a name change - nothing else would be different apart from the name.

Now the logos.


I didn't want to change anything about Cyw and Stwnsh, so I left their logos as is.

Have at me. Very Happy
Looking Glass
It’s a fun idea and executed really well, though it’s probably worth noting that S4C has no connection to Channel 4 beyond replacing it in Wales (Channel 4 is still available). There is no shared content or programming, in fact, the majority of the S4C funding comes from the BBC television licence.

Although if C4 absorbed S4C, would they still need their own streaming servicing? I don’t think so, especially with All4 currently being billed as the biggest, free streaming service.
Sh1ruba and DeMarkay gave kudos
Impressive. I loved the 2007 idents over the current ones so i'm happy you did that. any thought of Newyddion?. otherwise this is a good look. I might use Inkscape myself
J. Lyric
A quick fix of the new BBC Select logo.

Removing the weirdo S and making the "new" blocks a bit more presentable.

Very nice. Thumbs up Certainly neater than the original one we got.
J. Lyric
One idea internally suggested was bringing the "Ring" back from the original Select...

AndrewPSSP and JosiahStuart gave kudos
Roger Darthwell
Tried my hand at doing BBC News again.

A lot of Gill Sans Nova here.


On that note, is anyone else having issues with the upload button here, or is it just me? I click the button, and it shows me a "Sign In" dialog box - I put my credentials in, and... the box appears again. Anyone?

This is better than the current BBC News design
J. Lyric
Here's a quick Britbox idea. First off, the logo.


The slogan.


And the reason why the slogan looks like that.


Have at me.
Tyler LastName
It’s a neat idea to combine BBC and ITV’s fonts, but i dunno, just looks a little off to me. Maybe if the “box” portion of the logo was capitalised it’ll look a bit better.
DeMarkay and Alfie Mulcahy gave kudos
Surely it would be better to have the 'BRIT' in Reem and 'BOX' in Reith since you would still be able to keep the famous 'three squares' style the BBC is known for? Otherwise, pleasant colour choices.
I like the mix of Reith and Reem on the surrounding presentation more than I like the logo, but I think either way this is something worth exploring! The colour scheme is fab.

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