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BBC Rebrand version 2

(December 2020)

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Hello again.

The last time I've done something about BBC was months ago, and I feel like doing some more of it again.

The concept is mostly the same, but now the channel numbers have their own unique style instead of bog-standard Reith. I've also given BBC4 a dark purple colour instead of just grey to make it a bit less dull.

I've just left 2 and 3 alone as I think they're perfectly fine as they are.

BBC1 was a really tricky one. Since it's the flagship channel and probably the most watched, I had to come up with one that wasn't too informal yet not too formal, somewhere inbetween. I'm still not quite happy with the current result.

As always, I'm open to feedback!

I really like the symbols you've chosen for 1 and 4. 1 feels formal enough while having a little quirk to it, rather than being one or the other (which I think would misrepresent the channel). 4 looks awesome - the abstract collection of shapes is both aesthetically pleasing and representative of the channel's upcoming 'archive' remit (plus the dark purple is a great choice). It could have very easily slipped into 'looks like Channel 4' territory but its simplicity sets it apart.

That being said I'm not sure if 2 fits with the rest of the logos (the Tricon I think does) and I think there could be a way of having a numeral with the curve incorporated somehow. Overall some great work though!
They are all great - BBC Four definitely needed a refresh, but I personally think the 2 could be a bit more recognisable; to some that is just a wavy line in a teal box.
I'm gonna agree that the '2' doesn't fit with the rest.
Kinda odd how the whole basis of BBC2 is to replicate the "Curve" in similar ways to how many replicated the bladed 2. But it feels odd how it's almost similar in terms with my curve, except that I sort of put a twist in putting 2 colours instead of a solid colour. Hmm.
How should I do the 2?
You have three competing ideas for logo design there. While visually the 3 doesn't look out of place with the 1 and 4, it's still a totally different concept. The 2 is just so different to the other three that it doesn't work as part of a family of symbols.

I think you've concentrated too much on keeping the existing symbols at the expense of coming up with something that works as part of a family of channels.

Side note - using the tricon (stupid name) like this would be difficult at small sizes. It'll just look like a light pink square inside a dark pink square.
I agree.

For BBC Two you maybe could try tilting the two like with the "Window on the World" idents.
And try to split it into two or even three pieces, to keep the consistency going.

(Although, I admit it would be a bit strange looking if all the others were not tilted.)

And just overall, maybe make all the lines going through the logos correspond to the their name.

For example four lines through the BBC Four logo etc. (Maybe excluding BBC Three?)
Overall though still amazing work.
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I'm thinking of somehow incorporating the curve into a Reith Extra Bold 2. How does that sound?

Hope you had a good Christmas.

Instead of asking 'how should I do this?' and 'how does that sound?', remember that this is your design. Think about it. Play around with ideas. Fine-tune it until you are happy with it, and then come back to us.

I'll be interested to see what you come up with.

For the record, I quite like the way you've represented the '4' in your original designs above.

The 2 is more obvious now.
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Your 1 has two parts, your 2 has three parts, your 3 has four parts and your 4 has, erm, three parts Confused Smile

The new 2 fits with the 1 and 4 much better now though, but with the side effect of making the three stick out like a sore thumb.

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