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BBC News - Sketchup Models

Free to download and modify (March 2021)

This site closed in March 2021 and is now a read-only archive
With the forum closing soon, I thought I'd share/release a few of many Sketchup news studio SKP files I've put together over the years. They vary in quality and accuracy - particularly in comparison to the truly superb work by DTV - but I hope you find them of interest nonetheless.

If you do modify them and share anything publicly that is based on them - please do give credit.

BBC News Regional
This was a design I did as a generic news studio design for the BBC regions - loosely based on the NBH sets. It's small enough to fit in most regions - I've considered doing a larger one with sofa area.

Download here

BBC NBH - Studio B
Almost complete - it's missing some screens in the soft area. Currently split between a fictional Business Live scheme at the desk area, and Impact in the sofa area.

Download here

BBC Salford - Breakfast/NWT
A mock I shared on here last year - inspired by Studio C but designed to fit into the awkward Salford studio space, based on some estimations anyway.

Download here

BBC NBH - Studio A
A basic version of Studio A, used for BBC London News, Hardtalk and the occasional BBC News Channel weekend.
Download here

The studio used from 2008-2013, including a high resolution version of the "night" newsroom background used during this era.
Download here
I love the look north one. reminds me of Wales today 2013-2020 set in a way.
Wow, do I just need Sketchup Viewer to check these out?

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