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(November 2012)

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Hey guys,

Since some time I'm following this forum, some have some great designs on here! Really nice.

So, I tried for the first time to design something. I restyled the BBC logo. What do you think, should I continue with this one and eventually make a new identity branding? Or never ever post again here? I'd like to hear your thoughts.

Thoughts behind it:
- it has the blocks in a new perspective, so is it the mission of the BBC to place everything in a new perspective.
- the colours (except for the red one) are from the BBC 1988-1997 logo and are the symbol for colour tv, since that three colours are used to provide the colours on old-fashioned tv's.
- the typeface is Avenir, French for future, and already used by BBC Two (which I found out afterwards Wink )


P.S. Can someone tell me if it is possible to change the size of pictures in a forum post, or should I just upload smaller pictures?
More for CBBC, far too colourful, also not a fan of lowercase, but generally changing the logo anyway.
If I'm honest, I think it's pretty good, the only thing I feel that needs changing is the spacing of the blocks and text. There needs to be spacing before the letters to see the colour of that block before the letter (if that makes sense?) other than that I think it's a good mock.
Please do carry on with this bbc mock.
Thanks for the critique so far.
@AxG: Although I'm not from Britain, I don't consider the blocks sacred or something. That they have been in use for over sixty years, doesn't make it unchangeable.

@Identity: I see your point. I have made the letters a little bit bigger, and now the 2nd B is in the middle of the blue thing.

I also had a first go on the BBC One logo. Not very sure where to place the 'one'-bit, so I tried it after it. Not very sure at all about it.
Ah... ok...

...I'm sorry, I don't quite know where to start. The lowercase neither suits nor works, the perspective blocks are unwieldy and unscalable, it wouldn't work alongside the multitude of sub-brands/depts, as you yourself have demonstrated...

I could go on but don't want to needlessly bash. This video might explain better (skip to 9:30).
Its an interesting idea, but your execution is terrible.

I was struggling to articulate what i thought you could do to improve it, so i decided it was quicker to just show you...
Whilst it is interesting... I do think that the BBC should definitely stick with what they've got.
Reminds me of the old homepage logo, but I agree the current logo is still solid.
Ah well, in that case I think I'm the only disliker of the blocks. Anyways, first experiment: failed. I'm not even trying to go on with it now Wink
dbl posted:
Reminds me of the old homepage logo.

Yes... also BBC Arabic's launch idents. So its an idea that has been used before, and if correctly implemented could be made to work properly with the brand.

Jonny posted:
It wouldn't work alongside the multitude of sub-brands/depts.

If executed properly it would. I was bored so had a quick go with my own version.


I'm not saying what i've done above is not littered with flaws, but, the logo idea the OP has come up with is adaptable to fit with ALL of the current BBC brands. I can even see how it would animate on screen.

The mock itself it terrible, but the idea behind it is a good one... albeit a good idea that was probably rejected by Lambie-Nairn back in 1997, in favour of the current logo.
Got your point Smile
A former member
Too akin to France TÚlÚvisions -
Too akin to France TÚlÚvisions -

They both use trapezia?

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