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BBC: Evolution of the Blocks (continued)

A continuation (June 2014)

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My previous designs of an evolution of the blocks has since been closed due to inactivity, so here is a link to the previous thread

I have since chosen to try and develop the blocks as more of a symbol, like the US networks CBS and NBC carry.

So on to the design...
The BBC logo

BBC News logo

BBC One logo

I think that this way, the Blocks can be used much more as a branding device.

(Knocked up in 30 seconds to show what I mean)

I'm hoping to continue this design based on feedback. All constructive criticism is more than welcome.
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The current logo is still perfectly fine, and very well recognised.
I have to say when I saw the thumbnail I was cautious.

However, I actually like this and think such a refresh to the BBC would be nice. We all know how we're sick of the BBC's branding and this simple yet effective redesign looks good.

I'd like to see how this would develop across the BBC. I hope that if you continue you show the logos in colour. I wonder if maybe each station would have different coloured blocks, for example different shading of red in each of the blocks for BBC One, then a different shading on blue each of the blocks for BBC Two etc, etc?

Not sure about the font, maybe it would work for BBC but, I think for everything else they should maybe have their own fonts?

I'm guessing following your preview screen that the BBC blocks would become the idents across the brand as opposed to the way it is now with ONE using circles and stuff. I'd be interested if this was the route but I can't say for certain it'd be a good move as this would see things such as the beloved TWO idents disappear.

Please continue to work though because I'd really like to see more. I had actually begun drawing up some different designs for the blocks for the BBC myself because I too was getting a tad bored of the current blocks.
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It's okay. It looks ok.

But is it an improvement? I don't think so to be brutally honest. Is it a good evolution? Has it evolved well? Again, sorry, but I don't think it has.

I think you'll definitely have to do more with each brand and channel so that they still have their own identities - just writing ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, NEWS, PARLIAMENT, SPORT underneath that logo is very boring.

As AxG said, the current logo is nice and still works well. It's kind of ageless I think, so I think this is a step backwards. I don't think many people are bored of the current blocks or logo. The branding for each channel is boring. I don't think this really combats that by looking at your quick BBC One menu.

Sorry, but I think it would be better to focus on elements that you need to improve, and that can be improved.

I will say this though: it is an improvement on the original thread.

Still, 1/5 from me.
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I wouldnt waste any more of your time continuing this design.
This is bad. BUT, the menu would be OK with a different font and different logo.
I'd again like to point out that the menu isn't actually part of the mock, but to demonstrate what I meant in my previous statement.
JK08 posted:
I'd again like to point out that the menu isn't actually part of the mock, but to demonstrate what I meant in my previous statement.

The points still stand.
This in't the first 'Evolution of the Blocks' Thread - Why does anyone think that the BBC Blocks even need updating - that is a key difference between the BBC Blocks and this (other than this being p*ss poor) - the BBC logo is timeless, that is one of great things about it, the font choice and style don't date not like the 1988 logo which was very of its time and ITV's succession of logos which all look out of date quickly. This seems very 'of now' and would not stand the test of a decade.

- You say more of a 'symbol' - these are less of a symbol than the Blocks, the Blocks are an instantly, interestingly recognised symbol.
- The tiny little squares will look dreadful when on the BBC News Ticker DOG (even in Striped) or the iPlayer DOG or in any small thing.
- The Font is horrible, particularly in the 'One', 'News' etc. style, it says nothing of the Corporation (Not sure whether the Beeb-Gill links were the reason but hey), has no distinct features and just seems like a dull, generic font.
The BBC logo doesn't need updating, its 18 years old and still fresh, this will date very quickly when Gotham (or similar font you've use) goes out of fashion.
The font looks like Avenir which is my favourite font. I don't think it will go out of fashion - it is like Gill Sans. But they way it has been used is not good and it is not right for the BBC.
The question isn't whether the BBC blocks need updating (many brands have been updated whether they need to or not!), but whether this works.

And I think it does. It isn't without it's problems - the stacks BBC ONE logo doesn't really work IMO - but it is definately a good starting point and please continue with it. AFTER ALL THIS IS A MOCKS FORUM - it's supposed to be a place to share ideas like this.

It's one thing rejecting obviously crap mocks out of hand but there is clearly some thought being put into this and a brief which although some may see as unnecessary is a great brief to work too. Indeed many of us have said over the last couple of years how the overall branding of the BBC is a bit of a mess now - the blocks still work but not much else does, especially in terms of the TV branding which is all over the place. Perhaps a complete rethink is the best way to address that.
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