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...any final requests? (March 2021)

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Seen as there's only a week left of TV Forum (very sad Crying or Very sad ), I thought now might be a good chance to try your luck as you never know, a member of this forum might be able to help out.

Next week we'll lose this incredible space for sourcing tracks, whether it be physical MP3's or just a link to the artist and title if available. If there's any tracks you've been after for a while or if there's a tune that you just need identifying - give this a go! One last chance of being able to ask whether one of TV Forum's members can help you out.

Please remember to be polite, no requests for library music and do not give out library music.

Let's have one last week of fun and discovery, hopefully bring a smile to our fellow member faces before this ability is gone for good!

I'll start us off with a few which are on my metropol account:

The Masked Singer (Full Theme) :

Big Brother :

BBC Olympics 2012 :

Sky News 2005 (Main Titles & Bed) :

I'll try to help where I can with any requests.
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The dream for me would be any full themes / packages from:

Top Of The Pops (all years)
The Games (channel 4 athletics game show)
The Weakest Link
Pop Idol
Big Brother (1st 4 years 2000 - 2004)

any help on those would be greatly appreciated.
J. Lyric
I'd personally like to get my hands on the full packages of 2005 and 2011's Sky News...
Keith Musselwhite
My dream list and one last chance are as follows:

BBC Sixty Minutes
Top of the Pops 1991 (Tony Gibber) and 1995 (Vince Clarke) Chart beds
TOTP2 Bill Padley theme 1994-1998
London Today/Tonight (Original 1993 version)

Also Kevin Greening's Radio 1 theme (The hey hey hey one)

Ideally not TV or Web rips.

Thank you and farewell to TV Forum, most handy for information when required.
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Hi everyone,
I have been looking for the original London Tonight theme from 1993 for years. I really love it but have not been able to source a clean copy including headlines yet. I'm quite sure it's not library music (pardon me if it is).

Is there anyone here who has it and is willing to help out, please? I would be very thankful. Also, I am a TV and radio jingles collector – so I might be able to help you out with something in return.
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Admiral Sven
Now then, such a shame it is closing down.

Just a few things I'd love to get hold of if anybody has them:

- 1 vs 100
- Deal or No Deal
- Duel
- Fifteen-to-One
- High Stakes (Jeremy Kyle's game show from 2011)
- PokerFace
- Strictly Come Dancing
- The Masked Singer

Thank you very much as always. Farewell TVF.
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I'd personally like to get my hands on the full packages of 2005 and 2011's Sky News...

Just about to send you a PM - check your inbox Thumbs up
bbpro posted:
I'd personally like to get my hands on the full packages of 2005 and 2011's Sky News...

Just about to send you a PM - check your inbox Thumbs up

Please could you send them to me as well bbpro?
With the pending closure, I do have some final requests (some of a friend who likes TV themes too), so if anyone has the following, please let me know:

ITV Daybreak 2012
ITV Lorraine 2010 + 2012
ITV1 Sunflowers Ident music 2010 (was previously given to me on another request, but on I've lost it through PC complications in the last year)
ITV Regional News 2009 - has now been sent to me anonymously, thanks

BBC Newsline 1996
BBC Reporting Scotland 1997
BBC Wales Today 1999
BBC South East Today 2009 - thanks to Anglialad for uploading this theme Smile
BBC Parliament 2009 - thanks to Bail for uploading this theme Smile

*Not sure if this is library music, if it is, let me know

Thanks all Smile
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J. Lyric
I'd like the new RepScot and World News America music too, if that's not too much trouble - as well as the current Newsroom Live theme - I've got the "Beta" version of that at the moment, and I'd like the final version, too
If anybody has any of the Dancing on Ice packages I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
So sad that the TVForum is closing down. I've never been a big poster but have browsed since 2001.

I have been looking for the BBC English regions 2019 full closing theme, if anyone has it, please?

Kind regards and best wishes to all!

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