Help identifying ITN presenter voice over

(July 2017)

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itsrobert Founding member
Hello all - hoping I can benefit from the wealth of knowledge here....

I've come across a voice over from ITN for a presenter I cannot identify:

It sounds like Lou/Lew Kreeger/Krieger/Creegor??

I haven't got a clue who this is/was - clearly they must have been at ITN or ITV News in around 1999/2000 when this voiceover was recorded. Does anyone have any ideas - particularly around which spelling of the name is correct and where they ended up would be great.

Incidentally, for any BBC fans out there, this voice over for Joanna Gosling was to be found on the same tape!

Many thanks - hopefully someone can help me out!

Can't find anything - she may have been a trainee journalist at ITN and this was used as a test VO. The only name with "Lou" in working for ITN from 1999 is a broadcast journalist is a Louise Mitchell.
itsrobert Founding member
Thanks for your help - I guess Mitchell could be her married name? There's nothing at all to be found through Google, so it may have to remain a mystery. But you're right in that they may have been test VOs. The same tape also had Joanna Gosling, Kate Harding and Nick Clark VOs, all of whom I believe were newcomers at that time. In fact, it seems that both Louise Mitchell and Joanna Gosling were on IRN in 1999, so this does fit together quite well. The VOs have to have been recorded between March and August 1999 - between the ITV News rebrand and Joanna moving to BBC News.

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